Tarot Card Reading


While India is a diverse country, there is one thing that most of its people have in common – a sense of spiritual belongingIMG_20140816_141640736 and the quest to know their future. Everyone is curious about their future and there are plenty of ways one can use to decode it. One among them is tarot card reading.

Although very popular, the origins of tarot are as mysterious as the cards that divulge tarot messages. One theory suggests that they originated in China while many others attribute it to the esoteric schools of philosophy of ancient Egypt and India.

A firm believer in rightfully predicting a person’s future is Dr Resshmi K Mamtora. Carrying out the job of unravelling futures with dedication and effort, she strongly believes that future-telling is a very important and responsible job and that it should be done carefully.

Dr Resshmi has been an active tarot reader since 2001. Through her sessions her clients are guided on practical, workable solutions to help them with their problems. Apart from tarot, her professional expertise also includes numerology, auras and chukras, crystal gems, metaphor therapy, runes and graphology.

Along with tarot consultations, Resshmi is also a consulting naturopath. She is also an active participant in various exhibitions all over Mumbai.

Resshmi can be contacted at the following address… www.resshmifortarot.com or drop an e-mail to

drrashmimamtora@gmail.com, she can be contacted on Phone No. 9594337070


  1. This article is mostly rubbish. The origins of Tarot cards are no more mysterious than the origins of anything else. Playing card historians have a pretty good idea that the earliest Tarot cards appeared in northern Italy during the 15th century where they were used for a trick taking card game still played today mostly in European countries. It wasn’t until the 18th century that we have evidence of Tarot being used for fortune telling.


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