Be Iconic at Kaleidoscope ’14!


Kaleidoscope – a riot of colours and patterns. Kaleidoscope – a synthesis of art and movement. Kaleidoscope – a visual treat.


Sophia College for Women, Mumbai, brings you its annual festival: Kaleidoscope 2014 Be Iconic. In its 29th year, the festival is larger than ever: with new events, more participants and the ever-enthusiastic workforce. With less than a month for the fest to begin, the corridors of Sophia College are buzzing with the excitement of bustling girls going about their business, armed with paint and paper, with their mobile phones and sponsor lists.


This year, our crew of to-be artists, journalists and CEOs, are set on a mission to tear the fabric of time and assemble all that is iconic. Be it Tesla’s intriguing coil or Martin Luther King Jr.’s speech about his dream, be it Monroe’s eventful white dress or the Abbey Road zebra crossing that engraved The Beatles’ names in the sands of time – these ladies are bringing it all together under one roof during the week-long festival, very aptly named Kaleidoscope.


A celebration of all that is new, taking our generation by storm, and also of that has passed, etched in our memories forever. Kaleidoscope is introducing new events under literary arts, performing arts and fine arts, as well as a range of new workshops and contests, while keeping its promise of leaving you entertained with its classics- Dus ka tees, JAM, Electrocuted and Mr. and Ms. Kaleidoscope.


Mark the dates in advance, and be a part of revelling in the iconic. Sing your much-loved tunes at the karaoke café and relish your favourite delicacies, while soaking in the picturesque campus of Sophia College. Enjoy a week of art, dance, drama and music, and bid adieu with a night of rocking band performances.


Be Iconic, this September 13 and 14, only at Kaleidoscope.

by The Creatives Department at Kaleidoscope’ 14


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