Tackling Relationship Abuse. Signs You Must Look Out For

relationship abuse
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Signs of abuse in a relationship should be spotted sooner rather than later. Trishann Henriques identifies them and helps dodge the bullet.

Physical, emotional and mental abuse in a romantic relationship isn’t spoken about, but well, is rampant. Even if it is, the fervent focus remains on female abuse. Today, however, abuse in romantic relationships are not limited to women only; men go through it too. The best way to tackle abuse is to spot the signs way before a relationship takes off. Why must anyone be forced to deal with insecure, jealous Abuse Tackling Relationship Signs of abuse in a relationship should be spotted sooner rather than later. Trishann Henriques identifies them and helps dodge the bullet and controlling partners? After all, isn’t love supposed to be patient and kind, not jealous, commanding and manipulative?

The sign: You’re mine

They don’t approve of your friends, they don’t like that you spend time with them and sometimes even despise the mention of their names. All they want is you 24×7. Now, this can be good, but it goes a bit overboard especially when a couple is at a premature stage in their relationship.
Escape it: Explain to your partner that although you enjoy their company very much, you cannot spend every waking minute with them. A relationship works best when both partners have mutual and separate lives and friends to fall back on every so often.

relationship abuse
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The sign: Too much, too soon

Talks of moving in together, long vacations, marriage and even babies are sure to scare anyone off if mentioned too soon. Instead of building castles about the probable future, why on concentrate on the present and live in the moment?
Escape it: Expectations from a relationship are a must. It is only after a certain level of compatibility and affinity towards each other that expectations arise. Dating with the hope of a marriage in the future is good for a seasoned relationship and one in which both partners have each other’s consent. But if one partner is uninterested in the prospect of marriage and kids, bringing up too much too soon is a put-off. Discuss what you both want from life, share your future plans and dreams. If there is a future to your relationship, make sure you both are in it together and for the long haul.

The sign: Jealous much?

A little bit of jealousy in a relationship is a sign that your partner is afraid to lose you. However, when little gets too much, you should know that is a problem. Jealously often harbours feelings of doubt and suspicion. For a healthy, nurturing relationship, there should no room for these feelings to arise.
Escape it: As clichéd as it may seem, trust is the cornerstone in a relationship. Espouse feelings of trust and care instead of doubt the next time you make an inquiry about your partner’s whereabouts and how they spent their day.

The sign: No, you cannot wear that

Plain and simple, your partner cannot dictate what you wear. Of course, they can tell you what suits you and what doesn’t, but anything that includes threats and blackmail because of clothes is plain abuse.
Escape it: If they really love you, they’d let you dress the way you like and what you feel comfortable in. Remember, the relationship should bring out the best in each other, even in the looks and clothing department.

The sign: I’m watching you

There are two sides to exchanging passwords. It could be that you trust each other and do not find the need to share them or that you have nothing to hide so you disclose them. Cyberstalking would include constant checking of accounts, replying to emails and messages from your account and more importantly, without your knowledge.
Escape it: If you believe that sharing passwords invades your privacy, don’t do it. But if you and your partner already know each other’s, refrain from constant, sly checks. Instead, confront them directly and question them if you need some kind of clarification.

The sign: Humiliation

Humiliation includes anything from putting you down, blackmailing you emotionally, saying profane and demeaning things and even going to the extent of raising their hands when they don’t have the last word on a certain issue.
Escape it: No one, we mean, no one deserves to be mistreated. As a joke or with malice in mind, never put up with any form of humiliation. If it happens once, brush it off with a warning, but if it ceases to stop, it will be best to sever ties than to anticipate reform in your partner.

The sign: The blame game

As detrimental as the lack of trust is, the blame-game in a relationship means nothing other than damage – a sign of emotional abuse, blaming the other person for something that they haven’t done is wrong.
Escape it: Communicate with your partner before pointing fingers. If the fault is yours, take responsibility, apologise and do not repeat the mistake again.

The sign: Where, why, with whom?

Your partner needs to know where and with who you are, but that’s that. If they constantly inquire about your location and company even after mentioning it to them, you know that they do not trust you. It could also be bad if they go to the extent of suddenly showing up to check if you were telling the truth.
Escape it: Let your partner know where you are and when you will be back. You can also fill them in on what you are doing and time you will return. But make it clear that you are not a child to be monitored.


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