The Ushers of Style


Fashion styling as a career is a product of people’s constant need to look presentable. Trishann Henriques explores this glamorous new profession

Fashion shoots, advertising campaigns, runway shows, celebrities and corporate bigwigs have fashion stylists to thank for the eclectic mix of fashion that they present. Let’s just say a fashion stylist is an imperative part of every fashionable display today. A stylist weaves together a person’s look from head to toe; whether it includes picking out clothes and jewellery, or sourcing them to construction of an entire look, a stylist’s job is a dream for anyone who eats and sleeps fashion.

Mingling with fashion world’s royalty, attending fashion weeks, determining which trends are in and out, dressing some of the most famous faces and assess trendy and fashionable products on a regular basis sums up the profile of a fashion stylist.

Adjudged as a glamorous and high profile career, the job of a stylist includes co-ordinating and planning outfits for runway shows, films, fashion shoots for magazines and newspapers, styling celebrities and even personal clients. Over the past few years fashion has moved from being obligatory to a bare necessity. There is a constant focus on making an impression irrespective of the occasion. This has made the role of a stylist important.



* A stylist will have a crucial role to play in all stages from conceptualisation to final production while styling for different forms of media like magazines, newspapers and websites.
* At runway shows, a stylist’s job will be to put together looks created by designers.
* For films, a stylist will have to select and put together looks that enhance an actor’s personality and character in the film.
* Personal styling encompasses sourcing clothes and providing inputs on what will best suit the person being dressed.
* Styling for fashion stores comprise the creation of attractive displays that will ultimately help in sale of products housed by the store. 

Several established stylists are those who have had no educational backing in the area. However, today, there are numerous colleges in India alone that offer courses in fashion styling. An educational background in the field acts as an added advantage as it is through a degree that one learns to establish contacts and also gain concrete experience at the cusp of a full-fledged career. “While there are many who have no styling degree to their name, pursuing one is good as it advances a person’s knowledge. I definitely recommend it,” says Ami Patel, a leading fashion stylist.

One of the biggest perks is the chance to mix with high profile celebrities, models and actors and rub shoulders with national and international designers, all in the name of fashion. A stylist also has the opportunity to evaluate and make purchases for their clients through runway shows showcased every fashion season. A stylist will thus have front-row access at worldwide fashion weeks.

While the job of a stylist might look like a dream come true, it is not always as rosy as it seems. Since most stylists work on mfreelance basis, job security is not guaranteed. But those stylists who have gained recognition for their impressive body of work have little to worry about. The competition in the business of fashion is often ruthless; a stylist would therefore be required to stay updated on trends in the fashion world to set them apart from costylists.

Job Profile: A fashion stylist is an interpreter of fashion and is expected to be adept with the latest trends in the world of fashion.
Income: Rs. 20,000 to Rs. 50,000 for a fresher
Skills: Abreast with fashion trends, creative, a sense of style
* Istituto Marangoni
* Mod’art International
* Istituti Callegari Milano
* Pearl Academy

“Start off as an apprentice to a fashion stylist. It is a good way to make headway into the business. Although you may begin by doing the running around, you will definitely establish contacts, adapt to business and learn on the job.” – Ami Patel, Fashion Stylist





Editorial shoots Celebrities and corporates
Advertisements and films Runway shows and high-fashion shoots
Store and window displays


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