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Sudarshan Tapuriah
Tanishta Rajesh

Round 1

How will you get the 3 Khans
(Shahrukh, Salman and Amir) to star in the same film?

Sudarshan: Getting the three Khans under the same banner is close to impossible. They won’t come for money, the fame, or for the need of a blockbuster. The only catalyst that can get the three together would be some banner which commands their unparalleled respect in Bollywood such as Yash Raj Productions.


Tanishta: I would rather not have the three Khans star in the same film in fear of feeding their egos.





Round 2

Do you think there should be a minimum attendance requirement in colleges?

I don’t think there should be any minimum requirements and should not be allocated for attendance either. I think that teachers should be able to command the attention and respect of students so that they come to classes on their own. College is a transition from the protected environment of school to the real life where an individual has to exercise his/her own discretion and come to their own conclusions. Attending classes, I believe, is one choice that the students should be allowed to make themselves.

Colleges should have a minimum attendance only when the teachers are qualified and dedicated enough so that the students do not have to attend extra coaching classes. Attending a college where there is no quality teaching is a waste of time for its students.

Round 3

How would you discourage people from bribing officials?

I don’t remember who came up with this idea (it’s not mine) that we should legalise bribe-giving. Currently, both giving and taking bribes is a punishable offence. So if you legitimise bribe-giving but not bribe-taking, then the one who is being coerced to do so will be able to report the issue. This will be a potent weapon at the disposal of citizens, particularly the youth, who are taking such issues very seriously.

As long as officials accept bribe, today’s youth will manage to get things done their way. Spreading awareness and providing the youth with an efficient system to complain against corrupt officials can help.

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