Club Czar, New Delhi


Vibe: The atmosphere at this lounge-cum-bar-cum-restaurant is laidback and draws people in their early 20s. The space is large with a gothic vibe and cosy lounge seating. The automated bar lets waiters tap out drink orders on touch screens. The large projection screens are a good viewing experience, though they absorb the waiters more.
Music: The DJ’s beats slowly changed from electronica and house to mainstream Akon and Rihanna mixes which appealed to the young crowd, bringing it to its feet.
Bites ‘N’Booze: They offer Indian, Lebanese and continental cuisine. The exotic dishes like African-influenced chicken harissa skewers and lamb noissette with rosemary are disappointing. With the Delhi favourites – murgh malai tikka, falafel, garlic bread and chocolate cake with vanilla ice-cream – the food hits the spot. Similarly with the drinks, keep it simple – chilled beer or whiskey. The wine list is restricted to two kinds of Sula, and amongst the cocktails, the Cosmopolitan was a syrupy disaster.
Bucks to Shell: At Rs. 2000 for a meal for two, it is hard to be forgiving, yet the space has potential to become a regular hangout.
Fab or Drab: Chuck the fussy cocktails and half-hearted exotic cuisine, bring on the Johnny Walker, the time-tested bites, the top 20 hits and get the party started.
Best Night: Wednesday Arabian Nights; Middle Eastern menu and drinks. Salcon Ras Villas Mall, District Centre, Saket, New Delhi. (Rs. 1000 per person) – Amritha Ballal


Volume 2 Issue 5


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