Star Couples Who Are Absolute And Pure #relationshipgoals

relationship goals
Image Credits: Hindustan Times

In recent years, our most loved celebrities got hitched and gave us some serious relationship goals. So much so that we still can’t get over their love and cuteness. Here are some of them

Deepika and Ranveer

relationship goals
Image Credits: Hindustan Times

They have to be right at the top, don’t they? They initially had been quite secretive about their love affair, but with their official wedding announcement and the grandeur wedding, we have been all been obsessing over them. A relationship 6-7 years old has blossomed beautifully. It has given out a strong lesson of being compassionate, supportive and respectful towards your partner. Accepting your partner the way he/she is what we need to pick up from these two. All hearts to them

Anushka and Virat

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What a duo! This wasn’t quiet expected. But! These two are gorgeous in their own ways. For most, Anushka and Virat have been the most favorite. Since their wedding, all we have seen the two doing is speaking up for each other, giving each other immense strength. The pictures on their Instagram handles purely bring out of us a warm feeling for the two of them. Anushkha and Virat have not just given us relationship goals but also bff goals.

Priyanka and Nick

relationship goals
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Our desi girl conquered the heart of this American singer and took us all by surprise. The bond that these two shares indicate that love surpasses all and should definitely not be based on any other aspects like nationality, caste, religion, profession, etc. With Nick wearing an Indian sherwani and Priyanka, a white gown, we saw a fabulous acceptance and exchange of values and cultures. Aren’t these some serious relationship goals? Hell yes!

Meghan Markel and Prince Harry

Image Credits: Pinterest

Quiet a fairytale, we all went ‘awwee’ when these two got married. It all started with a blind date that led to Price Harry realizing that ‘she is the one’. Their royal wedding was the most talked about in the whole world and buzzed immensely on social media. They are known as the royal couple and are the duke and duchess of Sussex. The couple is now blessed with a beautiful son named Archie. I mean can this love cum fairy tale get any better? Perfect relationship goals isn’t it?

Victoria and David

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Relationships these days don’t last long leave aside marriages. However, this star couple is an exception to the above sentence. Marriage 20 years old with 4 children is like a living example of a perfect relationship. They still stand to be the most liked and adored couple of all times. This perfect love story began with its first chapter when they met at a charity football event. Love, my friends can hit you in the most unexpected times. When it hits you, make sure to write a perfectly beautiful end.  

While these are just a few examples, there are many others who too are pure relationship goals. 


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