Prerequisites To Consider When Hunting For A New Job

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Even the thought of unsettling from a place of comfort and settling into a new environment is overwhelming, especially when changing a job. The new rules, the new office timings, the work culture, whether will I be able to fit in and adapt, etc. are some of the fundamental questions that begin tormenting us when looking for a new job. 

If you are looking for a new job and want to be sure of taking the right decisions, you must consider a few factors before you circle in on one organisation. Let’s take a look at some of those key factors: 

Company history 

It is very important to know the history of the company you are applying for. You must know the previous achievements and milestones of the company. You must also know the hierarchy of the organisation. Read about your employers, their interviews in the media, the growth of the company, find out of the company has laid off employees at some point, etc. This will help you know what to expect if you end up joining the company, etc are some things you should find out. 

Company’s values and work culture 

It is important for your values and work ethics to align with your prospective employer’s values and work culture. In such a case work won’t feel like work. Your productivity will boost and you will have fun working in and for the organisation. Understanding the work culture of any organisation is essential so you know how things work around in the office. Will you be expected to stay back even after your working hours, should you be ‘one call away’ and available at any time, do you have to dress formally, 

Job role and responsibilities  

You must know the job role you are applying for in and out. Find out what will be expected of you when you take on the position in the company. Try talking to the current employees and getting to understand what will be required of you. Ask questions to your employer about your duties and responsibilities. This way you will know what you are signing up for. 

Location of the job and commute

Unlike the old times when people used to travel to far-off places in search of jobs, the youth now prefers to work somewhere close to their place of residence. Travelling to faraway places leads to exhaustion which then affects the productivity and work quality of employees as much of the time is spent on commute. Decide for yourself how much time you are willing to spend on your commute. 

Working hours 

You must check if the work hours of the company are fitting well into your daily schedule. Find out how many hours the company expect you to work in a week and does it have working Saturdays. You must also find out the number of paid/sick leaves the company permits. 


The salary offered to you must be enough to cover your basic expenses and be on par with your qualifications and work experience. It is always best to accept a salary package which is higher than your current one. 

Increment Policies & added benefits

Appraisals are an effective way to keep employees motivated and ensure efficient performance. When looking for a job, make sure to understand how the company offers appraisals and does it meet your expectations. Further, find out if the company has in place added benefits such as health insurance, retirement compensation, trips, provident fund, gratuity, awards, etc 

Opportunities for growth

What are the kind of opportunities the company provides in terms of leading a project, attending conferences outside the city, representing the company at networking events, etc. Such opportunities are valuable for every employee’s professional as well as personal growth. 


This is a concern many employees have. Inadequate or weak infrastructure directly impacts the productivity, efficiency and performance of the employees. Check if the employees are equipped with the right infrastructure which includes comfortable sitting arrangements, stationery, pantry, technological gadgets, fast internet connection, elevators, etc. Although they may seem less relevant they play a huge role in the professional development of employees. 

Considering these factors will simplify your job-hunting process. It will help you take the right decision without much delay.  


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