Signs That You Might Be An Ambivert


Have you ever wondered what it’s like to have mixed emotions; feeling like an introvert as well as extrovert at the same time.  Sometimes it reaches the extent that you end up thinking ‘Gosh, Am I abnormal or am i just PMS-ing’

We give you  a few points that will help you identify yourselves as an AMBIVERT.

When you’re out, you’re not the one who’s going to start conversations with strangers

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When a topic of interest comes up in a conversation you’re more than happy to talk about it in detail

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But after that you don’t mind calmly sitting and observing the flow of the conversation

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Spending too much time with other people makes you get exhausted

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You’re calm, controlled and professional self is very different than the one around your friends

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You can often go out and have hours of fun being the life of the party, but suddenly find that your energy has dropped, and all you really want to do is go home.

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You relate to all things about being an introvert but then again you somehow relate to everything about an extrovert as well. 

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Small talk annoys you, but you’re good at it as well, but then there are times that it sounds too sincere. 

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On some weekends you just want to spend some time on your own.

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So if you can’t figure out whether you’re an introvert or an extrovert, maybe it’s because you’re actually an ambivert!

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