Mum's Kitchen, Goa (Rs. 600-1,000 per person)


This typically Goan restaurant serves food that really feels like ‘Mom’s Kitchen’, assured a local. On the first afternoon I arrived, the place was heaving with foodies, and tables were spilling over with mouth-watering dishes. Latecomers patiently waited for a table in the small garden outside. After judiciously taking a reservation for the next day, we arrived early enough to beat the hungry tourists and locals to the tables. The starter we had consisted of spicy mussels with peri peri sauce and coriander. The blend of spice and salty freshness of the mussels was a great combination, if a little hot for my liking. Then followed a main course: a sour Kingfish curry made in coconut milk with tamarind and served with thick Goan rice. This was accompanied with a delicately spiced sausage curry. Although the meat had quite a high percentage of fat, the sauce was still a treat with fresh ciabatta. Mum’s Kitchen has a homey feel thanks to its huge windows that look out onto a small, serene garden. This is the place to sake a craving for authentic Goan food.

Volume 1 Issue 10


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