PRAGYAAN – Tech Fun at National Institute of Technology


The latest edition of Pragyan, the International Techno-Management festival of National Institute of Technology – Trichy, was launched from 23rd to 26th of February. The 8th edition of Pragyan saw the participation of over 10,000 individuals from over 300 different technical and managerial institutes.

Pragyan had events of every genre. To add to the 40+ competitions with prize money of over 25 lakhs, there were a host of online events like the hacking competition, a science and technology quiz, an adventure hunt game and an online mock stock market event. There were races held on three elements of nature: NFS Aqua, a remote-controlled boat race in water; Skydive – models of remote-controlled aircraft flying in air; and NITTro – a wireless remote-controlled car competing in off-road track.
The highlights of Pragyan were the guest lectures. This year also featured workshops in Bipedal Autonomous Mobile Robot, IC Engines, Light Painting and Introduction to Stocks and Investments where participants got a hands-on experience of technology.
Crossfire, an intense panel discussion on the topic “It is not about the degree. It is about the passion,” presented both sides of the case with a number of live examples to assist students (and the even more concerned parents) as to what is the best choice for them, the time to take the all-important decision and why they should stick with it till the end.
Infotainment, a series of mega-shows that deliver technology-fuelled fun, offered a chance to unwind and let go. Pragyan saw Sky Lantern on the inaugural day, LASER show and LED Show on the valedictory day which was performed by STIGMA group from Russia in three acts – Led Sticks, Mirror costumes, and LED embedded Cape costumes.
On the whole Pragyan 2012 was a fun-filled techno-management festival about sharing and celebrating together!

Volume 1 Issue 10


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