Potterheads : Relive One Of The Greatest Fights Of Hogwarts

Harry Potter and the chamber of secrets Hogwarts
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If you are a Potterhead you already know about a lot of important events that took place on 29th May 1993. It is the day Hogwarts saw one of the greatest fights of all time. Let’s all recollect and relive this day when multiple exciting events made us gasp

On 29th May 1993 Ginny was taken down to the Chamber of Secrets to die, while Tom Riddle intended to feed off her life force to become fully alive again. Harry, Ron and the Defense against the dark art teacher at that time Prof. Gilderoy Lockhart went in the chamber to save Ginny after seeing the message left behind “Her Skeleton will lie in the Chamber forever.”

Harry Potter and the chamber of secrets Hogwarts
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Lockhart, who was appointed to save Ginny by the other faculty members after he revealed that he knows the entrance of the chamber, tried to escape Hogwarts but were stopped by Harry and Ron who intended to save Ginny.

After interrogating Myrtle about her death, they came to know that she heard a boy’s voice speaking a strange language and then saw a pair of great yellow eyes. Further inspecting the lavatory, Harry found a tap with a symbol of a snake and started talking to it in Parseltongue. The chamber opened and ready to take the plunge, Harry and Ron forced Lockhart into the opening and followed him.

Upon entering, the 3 men saw a huge snake skin which caused Lockhart to faint. This, however, was just a trick as he snatched Ron’s wand and threatened the boys to erase their memories and escape. The spell rebounded on him which wiped of his memory instead and caused the ceiling to cave in. Ron and Lockhart were stuck behind the series of rocks leaving Harry all by himself to continue the remaining quest of saving Ginny.

Harry next reached a set of doors engraved with serpents which granted him entry into the chamber after speaking in Parseltongue. On entering, he saw Ginny lying on the floor of the chamber at the foot of the statue of Salazar Slytherin. Just when Harry was trying to wake Ginny up, Tom Riddle came out saying she wouldn’t wake up. Harry assumed Tom was there to save Ginny and said they were in great danger. Riddle started asking Harry how he survived Voldemort’s attack as a baby which made him doubt Tom’s intensions.

Tom revealed that he is Lord Voldemort and continued to question Harry. Riddle ordered the Basilisk to kill Harry but Fawkes, the phoenix that summoned itself with the sorting hat after Harry proved his loyalty for Dumbledore, damaged the eyes of the Basilisk making him blind. Because of its listening and smelling abilities, the giant snake was still able to attack Harry but he dodged each time until it lunged. Unsure of what to do, he suddenly saw Godric Gryffindor’s sword appear from the hat.

Potter attacked the Basilisk with the sword. He used the sword to impale the roof of the Basilisk’s mouth, killing it. The move caused Harry to be poisoned as a fang pierces him. The poison ran through his veins. Riddle while taunting Harry said, “He’ll be reunited with his dear mudblood mother soon.”

Harry Potter and the chamber of secrets Hogwarts
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Harry pulled out the fang and started damaging Riddle’s diary making it useless and unable to function and destroying Riddle beyond magical repair, saving Ginny’s life and unknowingly eliminating one of Lord Voldemorts Horcruxes. Fawkes’s tears healed Harry’s wounds and rescued him and Ginny from the chamber.


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