Parallax 2020 – The Annual Intercollegiate Festival Of L.S. Raheja College

Parallax 2020

Bored of being an adult already? Ever thought of building a time machine and going back to the time when life was all about waiting for school time to end so that you can switch on the television set to indulge yourself in the world of cartoons and feel yourself as one of those characters?

Well, be prepared!

With new year by our sides, here comes a festival is known for its magnificent aura which will provide you with an experience of feeling like a child all over again.

The Students of Self-financing department of L.S. Raheja College of Arts and Commerce have organized the annual intercollegiate festival, ‘PARALLAX’ on the 9th, 10th and 11th of January, 2020.

The three days of the festival are going to be filled with thrilling, unusual and gripping events.

The festival is known for it’s a novelistic and unique theme,  REMINISCENCE: finding ways to the good old days, is the theme for this year. The festival is here to invoke the child inside you. Dream beyond your wildest dreams and let your childlike imagination run wild and for once experience the anecdotes which were caged earlier.

It is the spirit of the students that come together with knowledge and creativity to fabricate such an event. It’s the stupendous work and love they put in, with guidance from their four Chairpersons, whom the team PARALLAX like to call – the FANTASTIC FOUR. The FOUR has also managed to lead a team of 250 plus students working in 19 different departments quite well. They have worked together and tirelessly outdone themselves to make the festival a blockbuster hit!

When the final day of the festival arrives, it is an absolute merry time with the participants representing their contingents to conquer it all. The spectrum of activities arranged includes lively street plays, dramatic dance performances, and best of games that will take you back to your childhood days. Intense sports games with twisty jinks, escapades to showcase and much more.

An endeavourment to such great lengths is performed each year behind the making of this gala.

Team PARALLAX had held a pre-event named ‘Vrukshit’ for giving back to the society in which students took an initiative of planting saplings in the college and distributed 200+ saplings to the students.

This could not have been possible without the immense support and assistance of their teacher mentors, the beloved principal of the college, Dr.Debajit N. Sarkar, their CAO, Mr. Shripad Tamhane and the Management of the Sadhana Education Society.


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