Natural Skin Care Over Synthetic Products

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Green is always good, we read it everywhere yet we expose our tender skin to chemicals every single day. The expensive skin care products which boast their magical abilities to transform the skin of people are just like junk food which provides momentary relief to cravings but has damaging effects in the long run. The synthetic beauty products which aim to steal a person of cash and natural glow are not the right choice to skin care. The benefits and extraordinary cures offered by the herbs and flowers are known to us from time immemorial, but sadly, impatience and eagerness to get own glowing skin real quick have compelled us to incline towards chemicals. 

We suggest, push these artificial products aside and trust the nature that has provided us with some real and effective remedies for skin problems. We have put together some of the best natural ways to treat minor skin-related issues.

Do your skin care right!


It is one of the most common skin care problems among teenagers. Tea tree oil works wonders with it. With wonderful fragrance, it is highly effective in mild to moderate acne. Its antibacterial properties kill the bacteria and destroys the problem from its very root. It’s easily available at chemists or a store of essential oils. All a person has to do is take some and apply to the affected area. The results will be visible in just a week. Studies show that even green tea contains antioxidants that help prevent skin issues like scars and acne. So, if you are an oily skin person make sure you also add a cup of green tea to your daily routine.


With pollution increasing every day and dust covering the surrounding air, it is almost impossible to prevent our skin pores from getting clogged with dirt and oil. This makes whiteheads one of the chief skin-related issues. However, you need not worry as Lemon is there to help you. Applying a cotton swab dipped in lemon juice three times a day on the affected area, and then washing it off after 10 to 15 minutes not only helps to get rid of whiteheads but also makes the skin look clearer and smoother.


Scars usually act as a reminder of an ugly memory and erasing them appears to be one strenuous task, but not anymore. Sandalwood with its cleansing property and soothing fragrance have got your back. Application of sandalwood powder paste mixed with milk or rose water lightens the marks within a week and removes them completely within a month. This leaves you with brighter and more glowing skin. Blending honey dry oats and mixing it with aloe vera gel to make a fine paste also works especially for those with oily skin.

Sun Tan 

Well, talk about summer without mentioning tan is impossible. We hate it when we see ourselves half fair coloured and half brown in the mirrors. To get rid of tans, Turmeric is the best option. Turmeric has skin lightening and brightening properties that make the tans vanish. Applying turmeric powder mixed with chilled yoghurt helps to get your original skin back.

Natural Glow, Who doesn’t love a natural shine without the use of highlighters? Hedges, says “plum oil deserves fame as it is eight times more powerful than argan or any other oil in leaving your skin nourished, rejuvenated and glowing.” Applying a little on your face before going to bed is the best routine skin care you can adopt.

So, this very moment restack your cupboards, throw the clutter and fill them with products that make real promises.


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