Your Doobie Isn’t As Cool As You Think It Is

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As sad as it is to know, the youth across the world today tops the list of drug addiction. The reasons for the youth falling prey to drug addiction are varied. Among the many varied reasons, one major reason is peer pressure. 

Peer pressure is something that gets to all of us. Some, however, go too far to ‘fit in’.  College students who wish to become a part of the ‘popular group’ of college, usually end up doing drugs as they think it to be ‘cool’. This coolness, they think, will act as an entry pass into the popular group. Some also think that since they have completed schooling and become college guys, consumption of drugs, tobacco and liquor is totally fine. 

In spite of knowing that indulging into any kind of addiction is harmful, the youth still gets attracted to it thinking of it to be something fancy and cool. 

We all love ourselves when we look charming and beautiful. Being deep admirers of gleaming faces, flawless skin and perfect body shape, we never once hesitate in spending money on treatments or products that make us look good. However, the moment one of our friends offers us a cigarette or a bottle of beer or a joint, we forget all our spent cash and invested efforts we made for the well being of our body. While accepting the offer, we don’t even think twice. 

Today, a large proportion of the youth is entrapped in the ugly and vicious cycle of intoxicants and addiction. The short-lived peace or the sudden rush of euphoria that a person feels after feeding his or her body on these symbols of swag is because of the interference of these drugs with a person’s hormones such as dopamine, cortisol, adrenaline, etc..

As soon as the sun sets and dusk settles, we see in the corners of isolated gardens, behind the cars or amidst the streets situated far from houses, adolescents holding rolled nicotine in between their fingers. Cigarettes, according to the recent surveys, is the most addictive drug because of its low cost and easy availability. Over 7,000 chemicals have been identified in cigarettes out of which 93 of them are potentially harmful and more than 70 of them can cause cancer. Apart from being the most talked-about carcinogen, it also promotes DNA mutation welcoming genetic diseases in your body. The drug causing carbon monoxide poisoning yet remains the most consumed drug among the youth.

Adding to this are cannabis. Cannabis, taken in the form of Hash, Ganja or Charas adversely affects humans. Having a major effect on sexuality it decreases the production of sperms in boys and ovum in girls. The psychedelic trip which boys and girls describe as recreational has simple biology governing it and is due to the release of THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol) in our body. The consumption of drugs causes barriers in one’s self-awareness and sometimes even leads to anxiety and paranoia. Studies have shown that regular weed smokers have relatively smaller volumes of the hippocampus and amygdala in their brains which are respectively the sections devoted to the creation of new memories and to control the fight and flight mechanism. For having a peaceful mind and relaxed state of consciousness one doesn’t have to get dependent on the pot or should get stoned but, rather go for meditation and catharsis of emotions.

Getting high on vodka, beer, whiskey and so many other forms of alcohol at parties and celebrations too is observed as a trend. People who consider getting boozed as the ideal way to ‘party’ and ‘celebrate’ are usually unaware of alcohol being a precursor of dreadful diseases like alcohol hepatitis, memory loss, liver fibrosis, cancer and many more. The right name as per the ill effects associated with it should be ‘slow poison’.

However, an occasional glass of wine is not a matter of concern but the cumulative effects of drinking wine, beer or spirits can take a toll on overall health. Tingling numbness, pain in limbs, blackouts, are all indicative of it is your central nervous system. So, the next time your friend asks you to come over for a drink, think twice.

Short-lived happiness and pleasure that causes long time discomfort and pain are not what one should aim at. Preventing yourself from getting titled as an ‘addict’ later requires you to make some decisions now. So, think wisely and make your choice. 


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