Media Empire


The world has become smaller than ever. This ‘connected’ sense of things is largely due to the development of communication methods. The march into the digital millennium was definitely faster than the transition from an agrarian economy to an industrial economy. Improved methods of communication have the unique distinction of contributing so much to the development of society that no other sphere of human activity can boast of. Technology is facilitating the great leap forward so much so that what was relevant at one point of time, holds no importance even a few days away.
The media, particularly the television and the Internet, have gone through vast technological advancements on a worldwide scale. Created for mass entertainment between the 19th and 20th century, the television has well served this purpose. But along with that, it has also helped in many other ways. At the base of it all, the television has helped create employment. Since 1993, the television industry has helped create numerous jobs that range from cable TV operators and production to management of television channels. Since the arrival of satellite television, the chunk of the population that owns television sets in India has doubled, thereby serving as an engine of growth for TV manufacturers too. Today, the television industry is worth Rs. 20,000 crore and this is only going to rise. It has had a cumulative effect on our economy of over Rs.50,000 crore per annum!
The economy aside, the media as portrayed on television helps to channel interesting information via educational channels and the like. More news channels are coming up by the day, offering different perspectives on various issues faced by the country.
The Internet is yet another medium of communication, which is the most sophisticated medium that has been developed by far. It has in its own way broken down hurdles from those related to entrepreneurship and has dismantled entry barriers to publishing.
One of the best features of the Internet has got to be the rise of social media marketing as a complementary channel to marketing of goods and services. Social network sites like Facebook and Twitter are being used by just about everyone these days, from individuals to companies as big as Vodafone. It’s amazing how a product becomes famous overnight just by exposing it on such a medium. Social media marketing is a very complicated method and only skilled professionals can use its boons efficiently. However, it has been playing a vital role in promotion, advertisement and other aspects of business today.
The Internet is also a great source of information for anyone and everyone to access. If you are looking to find out more about any subject, all one has to do is key in the topic in a search engine and pat comes the answer! The Internet also serves as a wide platform for different causes. Now, one is able to get his/her message across to people all over the world using dedicated sites and social media networks too.
The role of media has significantly and undoubtedly evolved over the years. From being an informer and entertainer to building the foundation of attitude and culture, it has played a large role in shaping the human mind and has become a driving force of the way we live in.

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