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It all started with an ordinary competition. My class teacher selected me and some of my fellow classmates for an essay writing competition. A few weeks later, I got a phone call to say that I had been selected to write for Youth Incorporated! I was called to the office and we began the ideation process. We were also shown how a magazine is put together and given various tips on writing. I really enjoyed the sessions we had with everyone in the YI team. It was a pleasure working for such a famous magazine and I look forward to more of such opportunities! -Jainam Shah

Being a part of the Junior Editorial Board of Youth Incorporated’s first anniversary issue has been one of the most intellectually stimulating tasks I have ever undertaken. Sitting across each other in the easygoing yet promising conference room, the eleven of us brainstormed tirelessly with our fantastic mentors. As a budding writer, this was a learning experience for me, right from writing drafts for stories to holding the actual, glossy finished piece in your hands. I must give this magazine full credit for me finally experiencing the much-anticipated writer’s block! With so many stories to finish in such a short span of time, my writing abilities were tested to the core. Juggling school and work wasn’t easy, but it was worth it! A Junior Editorial Board must become an annual tradition; I hope to be back! -Priyanka Banerjee

I was wandering aimlessly in a bookstore and that is how I got introduced to Youth Incorporated and the Junior Editorial Board. This curiosity led me on to meet with the editorial team. I can classify this opportunity as one of the best things that have happened to me till date. I’ve always been an ardent writer; it has been one of my dreams to be a part of a magazine. Youth Inc fulfilled this! Living in Pune did affect my daily routine but thankfully, I had vacations going on so I could be in Mumbai to attend the training. Naturally, I learnt a lot. We were briefed about the working of a magazine, its printing from start to end, social media and marketing, and most importantly, about what an editorial board of a magazine does. Penning down the articles for the magazine was thrilling. So to all the readers out there, I hope you’ll have a gala time reading the anniversary issue! -Pankhuri Shukla

The moment I stepped out of the Youth incorporated office after my interview, the excitement got the better of me. I couldn’t stop smiling and thinking about what was going to happen next. It was hard to believe that I had been selected by one of my favourite magazines to be a part of its Junior Editorial Board! I learnt a lot during my time there. Under the guidance of the sweet and helpful correspondents, I realised how much more I have to learn in the field of writing. I also realised how much effort and patience goes into publishing a magazine and that it isn’t merely a set of articles; it is a result of hard work, thought and research. My experience at this magazine has been priceless and is something that I would never trade and that includes my summer holidays! -Nirva Vira

It’s at the onset of every vacation that joblessness strikes. Thanks to Youth Incorporated, this wasn’t the case this year. Getting selected for JEB was a pleasant surprise. Not so much for the thrill of entering a workplace than the thought of working for a magazine that has the ‘oomph’ factor appealing to the youth. Much like YI, the office where we got to work was relaxed, fun-loving and a place to learn. We got engrossed in the making of the July issue as the guys at YI interacted with us freely and showed us exactly how a magazine is made. We hit upon a central theme, allocated the work amongst us and got down to it. The journalist within each of us rose to the occasion as we went around, talking to people, searching for stories and then with the help of our mentors, we penned them down. I have plenty of good memories from meeting new people to probing a world outside my own. YI gave me a chance to write on a diverse array of topics. The cherry on the cake was when I got the relationship’s story; a topic I can’t deny that is very close to my heart (I suspect it is to everyone). A lot of effort went into the making of this issue and we hope the readers have as much fun reading it as we had writing it! -Razi Shaikh

My experience being on the Junior Editorial Board of YI was educative and novel. It led me to explore the world of journalism and I count myself fortunate to have had this experience at a very young age. I realised that a lot of work is put into every article of every magazine that we usually just browse through. Writing the articles was a challenging task but was informative too. I’d like to thank the YI team for selecting me and making this experience so memorable! -Sahil Shah

To be apart of the Junior Editorial Board for Youth Incorporated was an experience like no other. The meetings and interactions were all a lot of fun. It was quite gracious of the YI team to give aspiring writers a chance to work at a professional level. The experience helped me understand a lot about the publishing industry. It was an enriching experience that taught us a lot about the way magazines functioned. It was a superb experience that I will never forget! -Aditya Mehta

“The ladder of success is best climbed by stepping on the rungs of opportunity”
– Ayn Rand. The first rung has certainly been conquered at the end of this enriching experience. Circumstances offered an opportunity and I chose to grab it with both hands, seeing it to fruition. It shed some illusions and at the same time gave that tad bit of encouragement to continue pursuing this passion . The encounter has been an enlightening one. The whole effort put into ensuring that the glossy copy reaches your local stands, free of errors is phenomenal. From making sure that the vivid pictures give a real insight to the story to ensuring that the magazine colour isn’t too harsh on the eyes, the attention to detail is remarkable and an eye opener to the back room work that goes into evolving a piece of art. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the interaction with the staff here, which has helped evolve my language and writing style. I would request readers to please communitcate their feedback. I hope to have an opportunity to write for the magazine in the future. – Nisarg Kamdar

Working with YI on the JEB was amazing. JEB was excellent exposure for me and an unforgettable experience too. It’s one of those things that I am proud to have done. The whole concept of going to office, writing articles, meeting deadlines, thinking from the reader’s perspective and discussing what will interest the readers was an awesome challenge. Experiencing the life of a journalist and learning about the processes that are undergone to produce each issue surprised me and made me aware of all the hard work that is actually put into each issue. I am very glad to have been presented with this opportunity to work with Youth Incorporated! – Unnati Shah

I’m so glad to have been a part of the Youth Incorporated JEB and to have been able to knit together an anniversary issue of the magazine. There were intense discussions, exchange of ideas, a lot of laughing and eating! Yes, we all probably built a very sweet long-lasting bond with every kid and mentor on the table. We were all given stories to work on. Working in the office was pretty much like working in my room; the friendly faces are never to be forgotten! Everyone was so pleasant and warm hearted that you literally wanted to run back to the office, take out your laptop and start working! So that’s what my summer was like! It was a mix of learning and fun! – Suhani Mardia

I came to know about the Junior Editorial Board organised by Youth Incorporated magazine through my school. I’ve always been inclined towards creative writing. I immediately knew that taking part in this would be the perfect opportunity for me to hone my writing skills. Once I received a call to be a part of the editorial board, I was excited to see the mechanisms that go into creating a magazine. I really enjoyed and learnt a great deal. Everyone in the office, including the magazine’s editors were accessible and open to suggestions from kids like us. Beverly was in charge of the group that I was a part of and guided me throughout. I hope to contribute in the future as well as YI is an amazing magazine. -Bilal Siddiqi

Volume 2 Issue 1


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