Man Of The House, Or Man In The House?


We all have heard the phrase, “Man of the House,” and now it’s about time we take that quite literally. Ruhi Gandhi attempts to throw away the stereotypical thoughts and embrace the change around

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The Stereotype

For decades men were referred to as the ‘Alpha Males’, expected to ‘provide’. Women have been known to give up their dreams, careers, and ambitions in order to raise a family. Of course it is true that someone has to take charge on that front, and naturally a woman’s nature more likely suits the job. Women tend to be loving, caring, and have a whole lot of motherly instincts. Obviously that doesn’t make a man any less loving or caring; they just have a different way of showing it. However, why media and society has decided to portray women as ‘damsels in distress’ and men with ‘dominance and decisions’ is beyond rational understanding. The responsibility of giving up one’s life and taking care of everyone else’s is by no means a small thing.

The Change
Women entered the work force back in the 1940’s, but men today still perceive women as ‘inferior’ or ‘incapable’. For everyone out there who look at themselves as incomparably capable beings, here is a food for thought. A man may be very capable at work and therefore think of a woman as incapable, but women who are more capable at home also they find men equally incapable. Don’t worry, everyone is learning! So many men today have decided to take a step back; they like to be the “Man in the house” rather than the “Man of the house.” Likewise, women have begun to accept the title of “Woman of the house.” In truth, when it comes to building a family, it involves kids. As much as we want to stick to stereotypes we all need to accept that today, it is as important for a man to give time in the house as it is for a woman. Everyone has responsibilities within and outside of the house.

Is this Right?
Maybe it is true that people should stick to what they have always done best, but does that mean that people should never give anything else a try? How many women have you seen as chefs? If a man can successfully run a kitchen, a woman could definitely run a business. As long as men and women respect each other mutually and understand that whether it is taking care of the house, or providing for one, it all runs hand in hand, and have equal importance. As long as that is understood, it really doesn’t matter who carries out which aspect, or how they carry it out. The reality is that everything does not run inside
norms forever. Norms would be a man with a woman, but today? Men are with men and women are with women. What happens to the stereotype then? When two men are together only one stays dominant, and when two women are together one becomes dominant. Today the world is changing beyond what anyone imagined it to be like, and irrespective of the gender, every individual rises to the occasion when it is called for. It’s only smarter to be open-minded.
A woman’s place is not in a kitchen; her place is exactly where she wants it to be. Definitely a little hint of feminism there! On the same note, Men do not need to succumb to stereotypes either. If they choose not to run the house, well, that’s their decision to make. Hats off to all the women and men out there who respect themselves enough to not give into stereotypes!


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