Love In Times Of Corona: How We Must Cope With The Deficiency Of Love

Love In Times Of Corona
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The path to finding true love has never been easy. To add to this, finding a soul mate consumes a lot of your life’s time. This was the case when the world was normal and free of a hazardous virus. Post the outbreak of the pandemic, many things have turned upside down. Love and dating are among those things. Love in times of corona has become even more intricate. 

Millennials today are struggling to find the basic happiness and pleasure that love and dating earlier used to bring with them. The advent of dating apps had further made finding love a little less nerve-wracking. However, love in times of corona is making every single person complain more than usual. Prior to the outbreak of coronavirus, people were excited to swipe right and fix a date for themselves, or even attend social events to spot someone interesting and hit it off with them. People earlier used to spend hours deciding the perfect outfit for their date night had butterflies in their stomachs on seeing their date, and used to be excited about kissing each other good night at the end of the date. Now, love in times of corona has become digital than ever before. Although millennials are swiping right, are choosing to spice up romance digitally to stay safe from the virus. 

Love In Times Of Corona
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Where a couple used to spend an average of 15 minutes talking to each other over a normal phone call, now it is spending about 5 hours of a day in voice and video calling each other. This excludes the communication that happens between them over text, during the remaining time of the day. All the romantic dates now happen online, movie dates happen over apps like Netflix party and fooling around, flirty and also dirty talking all happens over the chat. 

Even though the technology is aiding us in keeping the spark in our love and dating lives alive, the fact that almost all of us are stuck with our parents indoors 24 hours of the day, is making love in times of corona not just cumbersome, but plain difficult. We are now finding ourselves, constantly sneaking inside empty rooms or balconies from time to time to find some free space to openly talk with our partner. Not just this, we are also sneaking inside the blanket at night to talk to our partner when the entire family retires for the night and the lights go off. Earlier while our messages had more of ‘I love you’ messages, now they are replaced with the ‘I miss you’ messages. 

This however, must not stop you from taking efforts to build and maintain your bond with your partner. Here are few you can do for your love in times of corona: 

virtual date
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Conduct virtual dates with your love. Both can prepare each other’s favorite meal and have it together. Don’t forget to share a picture of the meal with each other. 

Discuss your day with each other just like you used to earlier, even though both of you’ll are at home. Tell each other how you’ll spend time with your family. Discuss the details.This will help in making both of you feel connected to each other irrespective of the physical distance. 

You can also Netflix and chill together, only virtually. Make complete use of such applications. This is the right time!

If getting your own private space at home even with your family with you, isn’t an issue with the two of you, then video call for good 10-15 minutes once in the day. If this seems a difficult task, make sure you picture/selfie chat with each other. You can also play games together. This makes difficult times simpler. 

Finding ample time to communicate and talk is a rare opportunity in a normal world. Since the world has now chosen to switch to an abnormal mode, utilize this time to strengthen your bond with your partner. You both can talk and open up emotionally to each other and build a comfort home in your hearts for each other. 

You can also discuss what you will do together, after the lockdown period ends and we successfully defeat coronavirus. Merely discussing about future plans is also quite exciting.

You and your partner just need to hang on a little longer. Till that time, technology is sure to keep your connected not just virtually, but also by heart. After all, love conquers all and so will it conquer this bad time.  


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