Virtual Socializing Acting As A Lifeboat In Times Of Covid-19 Lockdowns

Virtual socializing
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We humans since our existence have been social beings. Moving from one place to another and connecting with each other is core to our existence. In fact, we have evolved because of our socializing habits. The current global scenario, however, has threatened this habit of ours. 

Staying restricted within four walls, many believe, will kill them even before the virus does! Yes! That’s how bad the lockdown period has gotten for people. So, to save ourselves from letting both the lockdown and the virus kill us, we humans decided to put technology to its best use and began with the whole virtual socializing trend. 

Virtual socializing refers to the use of technology to connect with your loved ones. You can virtually connect with your family and friends and conduct lunch/dinner/movie dates or even have virtual get-togethers and parties right from your homes with the help of a smartphone/laptop with internet connectivity. 

As the outbreak of Novel Coronavirus is coming down heavily on the world with every passing day, it has drastically transformed humans’ ways of connecting with each other. Due to the lockdowns imposed on almost every country in the world, people are now left with abundant free time. This free time has boosted the usage of all social networking sites and apps like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Whatsapp. People are using these apps to connect with each other more than they ever have. Moreover, newer social networking apps are being developed and launched to make virtual socializing easier. 

Given below are a few that you can consider using to connect with your loved ones:


Virtual socializing
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This is one such platform that is today used by all age groups. Besides, it is the easiest to use because it enables you to connect with people with just one tap. Very recently, Whatsapp also added a feature where a group of four people could connect over a video call.  


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Skype came in even before Whatsapp and still remains to be most prefered especially among the corporate professionals and the youth. The biggest advantage of using Skype is that it enables a huge group of not more than 50 people to connect over a video call. This is thus the best thing for everyone right now. If you aren’t already on Skype, you just need to create an account to get started. It is important to note that Skype is more laptop-friendly.


Image Credits: Business Insider

The new Zoom application, very similar to Skype, offers HD quality video calling facility. Along with this, it allows you to connect with up to 1000 people over a video chat and gives you access to view 49 screens at a time. 

House Party 

Virtual socializing
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This one is a rather new app that users can use on their phones and well as desktops. It lets you video chat, text, play games online with friends. What makes this one special is that it notifies you whenever your friend/friends come online and are available to video chat. It seems like this app was designed just to suit the current times of virtual socializing as it identifies itself as a face to face social network.

Netflix Party 

Virtual socializing
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Isn’t watching a movie more fun with friends? Netflix understands this and so it has come up with its browser extension named Netflix Party. With this, you and your friends can watch your favourite movie together and also keep discussing it through a specialise Netflix chat window. 

Virtual Socializing is the only way to stay connected with our loved ones in times when the entire world is almost locked down. This free time has proved to bring many close to each other. You too must use these applications to rekindle your relationships by the way of virtual socializing. 


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