Always Abreast With Fashion Trends? Check These Career Options

fashion trends
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If you’re someone who has an eye for style, likes to keep up with fashion trends and your creatives are always on point, then an excellent career within the fashion world awaits you. Here’s a list of the leading careers in fashion for all the style enthusiasts out there who want to explore this sphere and rock the fashion industry with their talent.

1. Fashion/ Jewellery/ Accessory Design

fashion trends
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Fashion designers create attractive garments, jewellery, and accessories in keeping with the present fashion trends and desires of the client. To be a successful designer, you need to possess artistic skills and a knack for designing. Not just garments, people who wish to pursue a designing career in fashion may also go for jewellery and accessory design. As a designer, you get to style footwear, handbags, scarves, belts, hats, sunglasses and neckpieces using your creativity in line with the latest trends. Jewellery Designers design different jewellery pieces like necklace sets, chokers, rings, bangles, maang tikkas, etc. Fashion, accessory, and jewellery designers may go to work under accomplished designers and top-notch labels, in the television or film studios, boutiques and manufacturing houses and should even start their own label.

2. Fashion Technology

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A career in fashion technology will have you to combine your technical skills along with your creative gift. Generally, people from a PCM or PCB background select this field. Fashion Technologists work on the process of garment production and quality management. While fashion designers take care of the creation of the latest clothes from available fabrics, fashion technologists handle the assembly process behind the creation of fabrics and garments. They make sure that the products are made using efficient and price-effective methods and make sure the quality is up to the mark and not comprised in the production process. Fashion technologists work with garment manufacturing units, big fashion houses and film, and television studios. They also provide consultation services to fashion businesses. 

3. Fashion Journalism and Photography

fashion trends
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Fashion journalists are required to compose write-ups about clothing and accessories for newspapers, television shows, magazines, and websites by conducting interviews, industry research and analysis. Attending fashion shows, studying the fashion sense of various designers and celebrities as well are crucial parts of this job, which put together your skills of content development and your eye for spotting out the most fashionable and eye-grabbing pieces of garments. It requires a considerable interest in keeping up with the fashion trends and all aspects of fashion. Most fashion journalists work with media sectors of design firms. However, some value more to become freelance writers. Many fashion writers often partner with fashion photographers so as to cover everything happening within the fashion circle with words as well as appealing visual aids in the form of professional fashion photography. This makes fashion photography another interesting career within the field. Passion for photography can be blended with interest in fashion. Fashion Photographers capture the heart and soul of the style products in a captivating manner.

4. Fashion Business Management 

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This is the best field for individuals interested in business and marketing who are also fascinated by fashion. Managers in fashion businesses analyze the most popular market and fashion trends to predict the success of products. As a fashion industry manager, one maintains the brand value of the merchandise through media and advertisements, develops innovative marketing strategies, promote products through visual marketing campaigns and manage the distribution of products in stores to increase product sales. One may also work to promote and market fashion products globally using social media platforms. Some most sought after work profiles in this sphere are fashion product manager, fashion brand manager, fashion marketing manager, PR manager, visual merchandiser, advertising agent, and product promotion specialist.

5. Fashion Blogging

fashion trends
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If you’re a fashion enthusiast and like to share your views with the globe, fashion blogging could be a great platform. You may share your ideas of clothing, accessorizing and style in vlogs, promote new products, and review them. Many bloggers cover personal fashion, they will be seen giving style recommendations on Instagram, YouTube, and Facebook and mainly work on educating the masses about fashion by discussing fashion trends and what looks good on different body types. Lots of fashion bloggers become Instagram models and endorse fashion and makeup products, become icons by giving their followers wardrobe goals and even manage to become a part of the glamour industry. One may even collaborate with fashion labels and retailers to make a robust brand profile and assist with media coverage of the latest product launches.

6. Image Consultation/ Personal Fashion and Styling

fashion trends
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Image consultants are personal stylists who work with clients and advise them on their personal style. As a consultant, one works with the client to come up with a ravishing look that suits the client’s profile to create an image that sells. This goes much beyond just garments and accessories, where one is also expected to work on their client’s oral skills, etiquette, posture and make suggestions in lines with their lifestyle, body type, complexion, and so on. This can be a really appealing career for hardcore fashionistas who also have fine verbal skills. Image consultants work for public and private corporations for the enhancement of employees’ corporate image, and professional etiquette. Individuals may also choose to work for image consulting firms or independently to provide online or offline services to private clients.

If you’re not a fan of monotony then a career in fashion will be really exciting since fashion is anything but wearisome, something new is always coming up to keep us indulged. The scope of fashion careers has risen over the years and is continually being sought by an increasing number of aspirants. Hope this text helped you to form a more informed choice.


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