Students With Study-Abroad Plans Panic Amidst The Coronavirus Scare

Image Credits: Pulse Ghana

It’s no news that the fear of Coronavirus has gripped the world. Countries have gone on strict lockdowns to fight this demon. Effectively, heavy restrictions have been imposed on travel and transportation. To contain the spread of the virus, all are prohibited from traveling outside their own countries and there is also a temporary visa suspension for receiving incoming foreigners. This precautionary step has put all individuals who were to fly abroad to study, under panic, stress, and anxiety.   

Students who had applied to foreign universities received an offer letter and subsequently taken admissions are feeling dejected. We understand the chaos that must be going on in your minds, but this is the time to act practically and think about alternate ways of approaching the challenge that has knocked on your doors. 

So let’s look at a few options that are definitely at your disposal

Request Your University To Shift You To Another Intake

If you were supposed to fly abroad for your fall intake (August/September), you have an option available of requesting your university to push you into the next spring intake (January/February). Once the spread of the virus falls within controllable limits, you can start with your arrangements for making a move. However, make sure you properly estimate the situation of the country you are moving to.   

Have A Back-Up Plan 

If plan A fails, plan B must always be ready. Ask yourself, what you would like to do if your plan A doesn’t work. Maybe you could take up an internship in your home country, or take up a job as a freelancer with some company. This way, you will gain work experience and practical knowledge.  

Take A Short Online Course Till Everything Falls Back To Normal 

Thanks to the internet, our learning can never stop. You can scan through a wide variety of online courses to study and pick one that compliments your interest the best. You can also pick an online course that will aid your other educational qualification for which you were planning to study abroad in the first place. 

Look For Programs In India  

If the pandemic doesn’t mitigate its effect even after a few months, you can request the university to refund the fee paid and look for programs to study in your country itself. Though all prefer to graduate from foreign universities, a well-thought choice of an Indian institute too can provide you with quality education. 

Giving in to the fear of this Coronavirus pandemic, a lot of parents have already cancelled their children’s admissions and taken drastic measures which are too premature for now. This said we would also like to add that there is no need to panic and fear. According to WHO, Coronavirus, unlike other pandemics is containable. Moreover, as most experts believe, the onset of summers will reduce the spread of this virus. To add to this, it is important to note that there are very few young individuals who have been tested with Covid-19. This is indicative of the fact that youngsters are less at risk than those above the age of 60. All you will have to do is eat healthily, consume foods that are natural immunity boosters, exercise adequately and take the necessary precautionary measures to stay safe and healthy.