How Dateable are You?


Snakes N’Ladder Love Quiz
Follow the rules (at least here): Keep on ticking the apt ‘ladder’ option for every ‘snake’ you answer. See what the grand total reveals in the ‘Real Date or Edible Date?’ box below. Cheating by you will not make a difference either to you or to us.

Seasonal snake: What are the issues you would discuss on a date?
Ladder a: Issues that both my date and I find interesting (now do I need to tell you what we find interesting…?)
Ladder b: About the recent purchases I made.
Ladder c: Both a and b.
Ladder d: Let my date do the talking,
I prefer eating.

Poisonous snake: If there’s a tasty dish kept between you and your date, how would you proceed?
Ladder a: Just take it and start eating. (What? You want me to stare at it?)
Ladder b: I need to check if there are no onions and tomatoes in the dish.
Ladder c: Serve my date and then serve myself. And then both of us have a ‘bon-appetit’.
Ladder d: I get too nervous to eat when my date is along with me.

Rattlesnake: Will you get upset if your date expresses his/her difference in opinion?
Ladder a: Upset? Bashings will follow.
Ladder b: My opinion is the first and last say.

Ladder c: I would be glad if my date expresses his/her opinions and then we shall discuss.
Ladder d: His/her opinion is the last word.

Philippine cobra snake: How many dates have you been on before?
Ladder a: Let’s just call them flings.
Ladder b: Phew, it would take ages to count.
Ladder c: Several with my beloved.
Ladder d: Ramanujan’s zero. I dislike dates, I just prefer the educate section.

Viper: What ambience would you like to have on a date?
Ladder a: Dark, great food and no candles on the table (it’s too clichéd).
Ladder b: My date’s home.
Ladder c: Any decent and romantic ambience will do. The person matters more
Ladder d: Maybe the college campus; or after work in the bus/train.

Black Mamba snake: What sort of person do you want to go on a date with?
Ladder a: He/she needs to be fair and have brown hair. And should pick/drop me.
Ladder b: Who I want to go on a date with? There’s a line of people waiting to date me.
Ladder c: He/she should be understanding and well-mannered.
Ladder d: I don’t know what type of person I want to date.

Real Date or Edible Date?

I mostly climbed ‘a’ ladders: You are a dominant person and can be hard to manage or satisfy. A highly dominant person of the opposite-sex would readily date you.

I mostly stuck with ‘b’ ladders: You are highly self-obsessed. You don’t need to go for dates; if you go on any, it’s mainly to preach.

I was mostly glued to ‘c’ ladders: You’re the ‘perfectosweet- partner’. Any person would vroom and drool to date you.

I didn’t shift from the ‘d’ ladders: You’ll surely get an edible date but never a real date, unless you move out of your suppressed-geeky-nervous zone. Don’t turn into a Devdas after reading this; hope is never lost. Relish edible dates until then.


Volume 2 Issue 4


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