Caught Red Handed


Fashion Crimes Committed by Men!

Backpacking to work?
Calling all professional trendsetters! Wearing a backpack to work is NOT trendy. If you’re a student, fine. But if you’re entering the work world, it’s time you upped your game and invested in a leather briefcase or messenger bag. You will be taken more seriously, so ditch the backpack and make the change now!




You’re not fooling anyone
Baggy t-shirts are so not in any more. They just make you look bulkier and fatter. You are not fooling anyone by wearing loose, ill-fitting clothes, trying to cover up all that flab and excess fat. Hit the gym pronto! Lesson to be learnt: wear fitted clothes that appeal to your figure.

Wearing the wrong socks
Which person in their right mind would ever pair socks with sandals? Or sports socks with formal shoes? Hello! Reality check! It’s tacky and senseless. But if you are feeling tacky, sport a pair of flip-flops or something. Never wear white socks with formal shoes. Always remember that the colour of your socks should match your pants, not your shoes.

Too long, too short
When in the office, the length of your tie matters. Going into a meeting with a short tie or one that reaches below your belt shows a lack of professionalism or care towards your work. Measure yourself and be precise, but don’t make it too long or you’ll be committing another fashion crime! To save yourself from embarrassment, make sure your tie reaches your belt buckle or the waist band of your trousers.



Dying, highlighting, or bleaching the hair is for girls ONLY! Why do manly guys feel the need to do such girly things? Ditch that and embrace your manliness. Imagine telling your blind date, “I’ll pick you up when I’m done dying my hair.” We’ll see how well the date goes after that!








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