Tattoos Gone Wrong

tattoo disasters

Are you planning to get inked? Take a look at these tattoo disasters that will make you think twice about your decision of getting inked.

Can we get these folks some grammar help?

True, NOBODY or nothing is perfect except your tattoo. It’s a perfect disaster.

Guess the tattoo artist needs a grammar ANGEL too.

I bet everyone else will too, after looking at this.

Getting this tattoo, will now be the biggest TRAGEDY of your life.

And let YOUR tattoo R.I.P

I hope this could get better.

You sure do have some REGRETS now, don’t you?

Was this really your CHOICE as well?

You must be but your tattoo artist is definitely not.

Yes, it doesn’t exist only bad tattoo artists do.

All you’re going to do is cry now, look at the irony!

Wasn’t your life better THAN it was before this tattoo?

But never BELIEVE in your tattoo artist

May the awesome god give you and your tattoo artist some wisdom.

Oh! Now this definitely killed it.

We suggest them to better start saving up for the removal process.


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