Floral Eyeliner : The New Trend


Needless to say that Instagram is where most of us turn to for serious makeup inspiration. We all know how it is such a potent platform for beauty trends to emerge. The latest addition to the reams of Instagram beauty trends is the floral eyeliner which is all about achieving a pretty bouquet for the eyes in the form of flower-lined lids. This vibrant trend could well be the perfect way to brighten up a gloomy day and beat the blues with perfect swag.

 Let us tell you more…

Floral eyeliner is as intricate and fancy as it sounds. Makeup artists have shared their versions of the fun floral liner, some using pastel colors and others going for bright summer colors. The look involves painting tiny flowers on your upper lash line for a colorful, delicate spring-ready look. While regular eyeliner is hard enough, can you imagine elevating it to this extent?

Why you should try it?

The best thing about the look is it allows for plenty of creativity with colours and the eyeliner shape. You can even add colourful winged liner underneath the floral design for some added pop. And while it may not be the easiest or quickest look to achieve, at the very least, you’ll get a good ‘gram out of it’.  Keep trying it and rest assured, you’ll only get better with time. So brighten your wing for the spring!

Expert Speak                                                                  

You might want to try this at home but don’t know how to get going? We have got your covered. “If you want to give this look a try at home, use bright colored liquid eyeliners, some tape for guidance, and you might even want to use a nail dotting tool (as always, make sure it is completely clean) This eyeliner trend is all about being free with colors and taking those flowers where ever they may wish to go,” explains Delhi-based Makeup Artist Pooja Goel.

Now that we’ve told you how to go about with it, it’s time you get blooming with this ravishing beauty trend which is sure to dominate the beauty scene.

So, happy experimenting!


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