Problems plaguing the Indian education system

Indian education system

India has many challenges and one of them is education.

The issue of education has been since time immemorial and hardly there has been any major breakthrough in recent past that can identify India as forerunner in this sphere.

If statistics are to be believed, more than 500 million hardly have access to education. There are many road blocks that throttle the development of Indian education system.

Here is the lowdown on how we can improve the same.

Better government schools

Time is ripe to make the government schools a massive make over as majority of India comprises villages and semi urban areas. People have double thoughts before enrolling their kids to any government school because of their abysmal state.

The same needs to be changed as subsidized government schools can help to achieve RTE.  Right from infrastructure to competent staff to facilities, government needs to pay attention to same and this will lead to the success of’ and other education related laws that are hardly effective.

Effective Education Law

Right to education is a historic movement by government. But the sad reality is that it is hardly effective. In order to make it success, we need to make mega changes right from awareness of schemes to healthy mid day meals to incentives to families who enroll are some ways that can pave the way to success.


Reservation is debatable. Everybody wants to make the best of the quota system but ideally removal of same will bring major change in education. If not eradication then at least economical conditions should be the parameter and not caste based. This change will make sure equal access to all.

Need of better syllabus and more of practical knowledge

The books and syllabus hardly changes and some of them are filled with have wrong information. Recently internet was buzzing when the news of CBSE syllabus idealizing body shape was broke. Just like this many such cases had appeared in past that proves how we are failing the Indian education system with one mistake at a time.

One of the major problems right now students face is lack of practical knowledge as ultimately. institutes need to give impetus to practical studies and employable skills as this will make students corporate ready.

Rote learning VS Real Learning

Indians are known for their rote learning expertise. But we should realize that rote learning will not take us any way. Mugging up and puking on paper and forgetting is the real issue that needs to die down. Parents too must not pressurize kids to aim for ranks instead they should always ask their kids to focus on their forte and skills.

Being a developing nation, yes the education system of the nation is also developing and hopefully one day we will become a name to reckon with in this arena as well.


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