Which Corner Of The House Has Your Heart?

corner in the house
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A window beautifully dressed in blue and pink pastel coloured curtains, letting rays of bright sunlight enter in my home’s living area. By the window, is a neatly placed cushioned bench. It’s a place where my family members find me sitting most of the time. I either read a book there, sip on my hot steaming coffee and watch the rain droplets falling on my window glass, look out in the open and navigate my thoughts, or even sit with one of my loved ones and have a nice long chat with them.

This is my favourite spot in the house. I am sure each of you too has a favorite spot in your house. Even Sheldon from The Big Bang Theory has his own spot on the couch

We all have one spot or corner in the house that is our absolute favorite. 

These corners/spots end up being our favourite because they provide us with a different kind of comfort which we don’t get from any other place. It is believed by many that every single thing under the sun has a life of its own and humans have the ability to build a bond with such things. This is fairly justified given the fact that we develop a bond with the corner we love. We are so sensitive about that one corner that we don’t like it when it gets occupied by someone else.

A corner in the house can absolutely be any corner. It could be between two sofa chairs, or the empty space between your cupboard and the wall, a corner of the couch, chair beside the side table, etc. 

In addition to a favorite corner, some people also have favorite sides. For example, some people choose their favourite side of the bed to sleep. It’s that side of the bed that alone gives them comfort while sleeping. If asked to sleep on the other side of the bed they don’t like, chances are that the next day they might look sleep-deprived.

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Similarly, people have their specific chosen places on the dining table too. Everyone in the family is well aware of this and so no one even takes a chance of changing their places even for a day. If due to any reason, they don’t get to sit on their place, you might hear them saying “there was no fun today in having dinner”, or “I didn’t feel like eating”, or “It doesn’t feel like I have had my dinner.”

Some of you may find it weird, but it is not. Just like different people make us feel differently, so do places. Places, spots and corners do have a life of their own and they do give out vibes which you and I catch and hold on to.

Is there any science or logic behind it? 

Who knows? Maybe there is. You know how you go to that one person to feel good and to put your mind at ease? Similarly, we go to those specific places/corners of your house that makes us feel comfortable and warm. It is all about comfort. 

You pick a place that best makes you comfortable and you hold on to it. Just like the favourite corners and sides, many also can’t do without their pillow, shawl, spoon, plate, cup, etc. 

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A few others are very flexible and don’t have any such trait of feeling the necessity to sit only in one particular place at the dining table or having a favorite corner. Such category of people, however, is very rare.

So which is your favorite corner in the house? 


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