The Fascinating Tales Of Murder And Mystery


If you grew up gorging on Hardy Boys, and Famous Five, chances are that a missing object or a drop of blood gets your excitement level really up. With your thinking hat on, and the imaginary sidekick in tow, you’re ready to solve the greatest riddle of the century. Well, if cracking murder mysteries is your cup of tea, then there is no better time than this long weekend to indulge yourself.

Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries

It is the stunning 20’s in Melbourne, and music is flowing out of the jazz clubs (and so is murder). Amidst this is the badass Phryne Fisher in her bedazzled, chic dresses and jewels, constantly fighting off one crime after another. A detective with impressive instincts, Miss Fisher seamlessly slays them all.


The blue pill will help you make sense of your life whereas the red pill shall give you the powers the solve crime. What will it be red or blue? That’s quite the conundrum but then there is LA homicide detective Gene Handsome who is equally adept at figuring out life and crime. So, let’s forget the pills, and take a page out of Gene’s book!


One often wishes to be bestowed with an intelligent mind like the Sherlocks and Poirots of the world. Unfortunately, sometimes the best of the gifts could be a bane rather than a boon. John River would certainly agree with this sentiment. A brilliant yet splintered mind trapped between the living and dead, and haunted by ghosts of murder victims is how one might begin to describe this John.

How to Get Away with Murder

One attorney-cum-professor. Five students. What could possibly go wrong? For Wes, Connor, Michaela, Laura, and Asher, life as they knew it ended the day they started at Middleton University. Murder, mistress, flashbacks, and a raging fire – How to Get Away with Murder won’t let you rest until you have figured it out.

The Keepers

Loved by one and all,high school teacher Sister Cathy Cesnik is the last person one would have a grudge against. Yet one fine day in 1969, her body is found and to this day, the case of Cathy Cesnik’s death still remains unsolved.

You Get Me

Every individual reacts to the fallout from a fight in a unique way. Although madly in love with Ali, Tyler found post-fight solace with out-of-towner Holly. Like every other couple, Tyler and Ali make up soon enough, just in time to welcome the new student in school – Holly. Act in haste, and repent in leisure maybe.

Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency

A bellhop who prefers to mind his own business, and a detective who uses unconventional means of solving crimes. They may not be the ideal pair but between Dirk’s optimism and Todd’s realism these two somehow manage to navigate the situation.


Althoughdeath has a habit of silencing its victim, it leaves anything but that in its wake. The calm and silence of the small seaside town of Broadchurch shatters after an 11-year-old boy is found dead. What follows is unending grief, suspicion and media attention, and two detectives trying to solve the case.


You grew up reading about the funny tales of Archie & the gang. Archie could never make up his mind about Veronica or Betty, all Jughead ever wanted was food and well, Reggie’s sole mission was to one up Archie (unsuccessfully so). With time you have grown up, and so have the residents of Riverdale. Partake in the mysterious new world of Riverdale where every known face hides a deep dark secret.


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