Fame That Barely Lasted


Taher Shah – Eye To Eye

Eye-to-eye is a song and music video written and produced by and starring Pakistani singer and song-writer Taher Shah. The music video features Taher Shah, with his long curly hair locks, dressed in a white suit with matching white shoes, in a white background with white furniture, where he sings along to the music. Shah was sarcastically described as a “musical genius” in a tongue-in-cheek article in a Pakistani newspaper. Bollywood actor Hrithik Roshan dedicated the song to fellow actor Ranveer Singh on the latter’s birthday in July 2015, posting a comment on twitter: “One day I want you to outdo this!”. Ranveer accepted the challenge and put up a 10-second Dubsmash clip, syncing the song in Taher Shah getup. The clip garnered over 1.9 million views in just two days

Taher Shah and Ranveer Singh













The Dilwale Effect

We all know about the hype that was created when the movie promo was released and how excited everyone was to watch the movie. Bit eventually, after 1 week of it’s release the hype died out. The evident reasons for these maybe; Some tiny flaws in story which make no sense but its Bollywood! Over the board intense scenes between SRK-Kajol when he confronts her during the end of the movie. Slightly dragged climax scenes. Predictable story Old wine in new bottle! A known story revamped with SRK-Kajol! Not that great comedy which would make your stomach hurt!





















Yuvika- Prince 2 minute affair

“Bigg Boss 9” contestants Prince Narula and Yuvika Chaudhary came pretty close to being an item when the viewers voted the latter out of the high-voltage reality show. From confessing his love to the “Om Shanti Om” actress to going down on his knees with a heart-shaped bread, Prince had done everything in his might to win the lass over. While Yuvika was close to convinced and yet tagged him as a ‘sweet friend’, the audience branded their story as fake. However, the evicted contestant said the feelings Prince harbours for her may be genuine.The twitter reactions to this confused relationship are hilarious, and many are calling it a ploy or a strategy to survive the game. However, the hype of this relationship died oit as soon as it started.

Prince Yuvika












Manabi Banerjee – India’s first Transgender Principal

Manabi Banerjee,India’s first Transgender principal and a professor of literature, was spoken about alotin the newspapers when she was discovered. She was featured alot in all the newspapers and had many interviewers go upto her. However, over the period of time, people focused on other issues and forgot her.

manabi banerjee












Being the change

8 year old Abhinav’s letter to the prime minister, stating the problem he faced in reaching his school which was just 3 kilometres away from his house. He took 45 minutes to reach his school from his house. He pointed out an important issue of under construction of the flyover over a railway crossing. The PM payed attention to his letter and asked the concerned authorities to look into the matter. However, over the period of time this story faded out just like the sunset’s everyday.

being the change











Meat Ban

Maharashtra Government had banned meat for the period of the jain festival of Paryushan. However this entire thing was nothing but a political gimmick, sparking resentment towards the community unnecessarily. Again, this issue didn’t last for really long and this too faded off as stale news.











Shehnaz Treasurywala’s open letter

Shehnaz Treasurywala wrote an open letter to some of the most influential men of our country which included Narendra Modi, amitabh Bachchan and many others to help protect women from sexual harassment. Publicity stunt, maybe? But did this stunt actually leave a mark on the headlines? Not really. This to faded out.

















Deepika’s Vogue empowerment

The Vogue Empowerent video was liked as much as it was disliked. Some said it was feminism to a whole new level and some said it was a much watch. However, it created a hype only for as long as  a mayfly’s life cycle.













The Dress

The image of a blue and black (white and gold?) outfit was posted on Tumblr by Caitlin McNeil, Successfully causing people to lose their minds deciding the actual colour of the dress. Soon it spread to all the social media websites causing an absolute havoc among people deciding it’s true colour which looked different to different people. However, this “havoc” didn’t last for too long, as people eventually stopped caring of it’s real and actgual colour.











FTII student protests

The protest for the removal of Gajendra Chauhan as Chairman of Filam & Television Institutre of India was intensified during the month of October. However, the democracy did not seem to bow down to public demands. The hype created for this seem to go out mof the loop as soon as it came in.

New Delhi: Students protest against the appointment of Gajendra Chauhan as the chairman of the FTII governing council, in New Delhi on Friday. PTI Photo by Atul Yadav  (PTI7_3_2015_000068B)




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