Education Fairs: A True Blessing For Those Seriously Considering Studying Abroad

Education Fairs
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Pursuing higher education from renowned universities today has become imperative to one’s successful career. The choice to thus study abroad is a great one, but it is also one that comes with a lot of thinking, research, and accurate planning. Carrying out the whole process one-handedly is not possible. Professional help is a must, but how must one start? Attending education fairs is the answer. 

What are education fairs? 

Education fairs are an excellent platform to meet higher education counsellors, university representatives, delegates and like-minded individuals to expand your knowledge and understanding of the whole study abroad process. Education fairs are where you can get all your doubts regarding studying abroad, cleared. Most offer a free walk-in which is the best part about these fairs. 

Here are the top 5 reasons why you should attend education fairs if wanting to study abroad:

Get to know about the program you are interested in: 

Since the university delegates themselves are available at these fairs along with the higher education counsellors, it becomes easier to get in-depth information about the program you are wanting to apply for. 

What are the internship opportunities during the course, what employment opportunities are available to students after the completion of the course, what is the pedagogy method adopted, who is the faculty, the duration of the course, etc. 

Many universities also accept admission applications during these fairs. So if you already have everything figured out, you can simply visit the fair and apply. 

Meet university representatives: 

The reason why education fairs see a huge turnout is because they get to meet the university representatives who provide information about the university and a variety of courses first-hand. 

Attend Seminars 

These education fairs not only provide information about university admission, but also other equally important factors like accommodation, extracurricular activities, how to write effective statements of purpose, work permits and visa application and permit process. For these, the fairs hold separate seminars where students are provided with all the important information. 

Find out about new programs 

While you might enter the fair with a program chosen in your head, it can so happen that after speaking with professionals and connecting with like-minded applicants, you might end up finding about a few more courses which tailor more perfectly to your interests and requirements. You are likely to discover new programs you didn’t know existed. 

Get detailed information about the financial aid and scholarships available

Another plus point of attending education fairs is to get to know about the various financial aids available. Today every university has scholarships of various kinds to offer to students. If you succeed in creating a good impression on the university representatives and meet the criteria for the scholarships, they might offer you the one that fits your profile well.

Furthermore, there are many banks present too at the fairs that can offer you financial aid like education loans by explaining the process and answering all your doubts. 

Although attending these fairs is beneficial there are certain things you must consider before you attend one. Some of them are as follows: 

  • Do your research. Make sure the fair has all those universities present to which you are interested in applying. 
  • Prepare a list of questions that will clear all your queries. This way you won’t leave out any important details that you must know.  
  • Carry all the important documents like your mark sheets, certificates, identity proofs, etc which will help the concerned persons to provide you with all the information necessary for you. 
  • Be open-minded. Don’t restrict yourself just to a few programs and universities. Be willing to find out about the new ones so you can make a better choice, comparison and decision. 

Sure, study abroad consultants and agencies do a great job at guiding and counselling students, but education fairs are an added benefit for students seriously looking to study abroad. It is indeed a blessing in disguise.  


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