Basics Of Supply Chain Analytics

Supply Chain Analytics
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With the increase in digital technology, one can get hold of any product with a single click. The ability to do so is because of evolved, efficient supply chains. Sitting in the comfort of one’s space, with just one click, products are delivered worldwide. Supply chains play a crucial role in the overall business because smooth and efficient upkeep of supply chains results in profits. To ensure efficiency within the process, you need supply chain analytics. Supply chain analytics is concerned with the gathering and retrieval of information related to the acquisition, processing, and delivery of commodities.

Great supply chain management depends on a well-built supply chain analytics strategy. To understand more in detail about the basics of supply chain analytics, read further in detail!

Who is a Supply Chain Analyst?

A supply chain Analyst is a person dealing with all of the Supply Chain Analytics. He/she deals to ensure that the company’s supply meets its ultimate goal of meeting consumers’ demands. They ensure the proper functioning of supply chains by identifying trends and risks and then also provide suggestions to achieve efficiency, reduce the risks, and manage costs in and across the supply chains.

If you want to be a supply chain analyst, then you must do a supply chain analytics course available online at different platforms apart from what major you hold. 

What does a Supply Chain Analyst do?

Supply chain analyst ensures that the products reach their desired destinations safely, timely and cost-effectively. The responsibilities of a supply chain analyst are as follows:

  • Collection of data relevant to the supply chain and then analysing the same for introducing correct supply chain ways.
  • Management of the supply chain process via coordination with different staff involved.
  • Ensuring the supply chain mechanism is correctly being followed at each level of the chain.
  • Analysing the risks and trying to solve the issues specifically timely. 
  • Having a healthy relationship with different business friends.
  • Coordinating and collaborating with different people from different departments like production, sales, design, and project management.
  • Evaluation of the previous routes and then suggesting the most efficient route.

What skills and experience do you need to be a Supply Chain Analyst?

Some of the skills that are essentially required by a Supply Chain Analyst are as given below:

  • Data analysis is a critical ability for a supply chain analyst since data analysis is the primary activity involved in maximising supply chain efficiency while keeping costs low.
  • Mathematical skills are important because mathematics is a crucial tool for analysing data, particularly the computation of costs and savings. Supply chain analysts must have a good foundation in mathematics to be employed in the process.
  • Technical skills: Because knowledge of some technical tools is required to analyse huge and multidimensional data sets, one should be familiar with SQL, R, Excel, and other related programmes.
  • Mathematical and Analysis Skills: Supply chain analysts must be well-versed in math and statistics in order to solve big data sets and give analytical support for various projects.
  • Rational Thinking Skills: Supply chain analysts must apply reasoning to make decisions that are best for the firm.
  • Interpersonal skills: Supply chain analysts must interact with a wide range of individuals. Because there are many external stakeholders engaged, interpersonal skills such as empathy and good listening quality help to develop strong partnerships.
  • Strong written and spoken communication skills enable analysts to present their thoughts to the team more effectively.
  • Strong organisational abilities are one of the most important characteristics of a supply chain analyst.


Supply chain analyst is a kind of entry-level job which can be obtained by having basic knowledge of data and the tools required to work on the data. On average, the supply chain analyst salary is somewhere between Rs. 4 Lakhs to Rs. 5 Lakhs. Over time with experience, one can have a great hand in this job. 

To gain experience, you must complete a supply chain analytics course to know everything from the very basics and then pursue the entry jobs available. You can explore more with personal projects also.


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