Things To Do On New Years’ Eve If You Don’t Have Any Plans

new years' eve
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The new year is just a few days away and most people make big plans and go out to make the most of the last night of the year, but sometimes, due to some reason or another, plans don’t work out and you end up with no plans for the ‘big night’. That isn’t a problem though. There are a lot of things that you can still plan pretty last minute and have fun on new years’ eve. So, here are a few things you can do, either by yourself or with a friend to have a fun night.

One of the things you can consider doing is going out into town anyway. Even if you’re alone. Sure, it’s always fun to have your closest friends around for nights like these, but the likelihood of running into someone you know is still pretty high. Even if you don’t, you may just start off the new year by meeting a new group of friends. Although, keep a few things in mind before you head out. Make sure you’ve arranged for a safe trip to and from wherever you’re heading toward. It’s a happening night and it is possible that public transport may not be as easily available.  Have fun, but be cautious. Your friends are usually the people who watch out for you on nights like these. Make sure you are extra careful with strangers if you don’t have someone to watch your back. Also, try sticking with familiar venues. This may increase the chance that you run into someone you know during the night.

You could also have a movie/series marathon! Whether it is watching a movie or two at the theatres or staying in and putting something on the TV, New Years’ Eve can be the perfect time to catch up on television episodes you missed during the year or movies that you don’t mind watching over and over again. As a matter of fact, between your personal DVD collection, Netflix, and Amazon Prime, it shouldn’t be difficult to create your own television marathon. You may get so involved in watching a movie that you completely forget the ball dropped at midnight! This activity could also involve making some snacks at home, ordering some food, and setting themes for what you wanna watch throughout the night.

There are still a few days left for new years’ eve, so maybe you could even think of going somewhere special. It doesn’t have to be anything big, you could go anywhere! It may actually be easier on you financially to just pack up and go by yourself. Rather than having to book multiple airline tickets and larger hotel rooms, you can just set out on your own personal adventure.

If this doesn’t seem like a viable option, you could also host a hangout with some other friends. It is quite unlikely that you’re the only one without any plans on new years’ eve. So, hit up some other friends and if you have a decent number of people available, you could host a party at home!

If all else fails, you could have an early night in and go to bed early. The easiest option on the list may actually be the most appealing one. After a year full of running around, maybe you just want to wind down and get a full night’s rest.

Relax and reflect this year, and see what you can do differently for yourself in the next year. However you choose to spend your new years’ eve, don’t let being alone prevent you from enjoying it. Have a happy new year!


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