Editor’s Note – June 2015


Has anyone noticed a phenomenon that is going on with all of us since a while now? We all are kind of tuned in to it several times a day and at all odd hours. It makes us laugh, cry or even annoyed at times. I am talking about videos! We are all hooked to our smart phones or laptops most waking hours of the day and out of these, the trend of watching videos is increasing to a large extent. Be it on Whatsapp or shared on social media platforms like Facebook to Instagram.  They can be personal, funny, motivational or social in nature, there is so much going on. So it all started when I was speaking to my friend Reenie who is a great singer and has made an amazing music video recently ‘Outta Control’. She hosts her own concerts and participates at various events but when she put up her video on YouTube, within days she started getting a lot of hits and within 3 months has more than 118,000 views. This is the power of YouTube! It’s been a decade now and it has progressed from being just a music medium to so much more. Today, any smart and talented person who wants to make it big may not necessarily need the conventional platforms. Get on to YouTube and launch your own channel! The promising ones will gauge viewership much like a moth to a flame.

In our cover story (The League of Extraordinary Entertainers), we give you exclusive interviews with some of your favourite YouTubers. We have Superwoman, Being Indian, East India Comedy, Kannan Gill, Abish Mathew among many others providing us the perfect comedic timing; Clinton Jeff, the tech-spert giving us the lowdown on technology hacks; Shreyas Kamath inspiring the youth to get fit and at ‘em; Omkar Bhagat balancing the perfect edutainment quotient and so many more!

Getting your own channel is great but we need to be sure how and what we are showcasing is being done right so we get the correct image. They say first impressions are the best and last impressions and I can’t highlight stress this fact enough. In our story (The Finishing Touch), we give you insights into the fine points of grooming and etiquette as stated by the experts in the field.

With the summer vacations coming to a close, I hope all of you are ready to dust those cobwebs off your books and get back to a challenging and refreshing academic year that you have waiting for you.


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