Editor’s Note – January 2016


One a recent trip to Dubai, I can surely say I was amazed at the sheer scale of hotels and malls, the variety of cuisines offered at restaurants and the groovy décor at nightclubs which just gets better with each visit. What stunned me the most was shopping at my favourite Shoe District in the Dubai Mall, where I came across a 24 carat gold shoe by Alberto Moretti and another Italian brand who were creating live tattoos on their shoes with your preferred designs. Upon exiting the mall and waiting for my car to show up, I spotted a gleaming hard-to-miss silver-plated Rolls Royce parked at the entrance with the Royal family number plate. The flight back home on the new A380 with its state-ofthe-art bedrooms in the sky got me in a tizzy. Luxury has taken leaps of epic proportion and the level of comfort, elegance and richness has increased exponentially. Even here in India over the past few years things are scaling new heights across all segments, so we enter the alluring and glamorous domain of – The Luxe Life for our January 2016 cover story (Page 36). We have reached out to the best of best in India and abroad spanning bags, apparel, watches, hotels, spas and much more.
For our Entertainment Feature, we venture into The World of Jockeying. The inception of the art, its rapid rise in popularity and how it quickly went on to win over the media world has definitely been one of the highlights of our cultural evolution. It brings to light some lesser known facts about the industry and the much talked about radio, video and disc jockeys today. So meet the popular DJ Bosco, RJ Hrishi K. and VJ Gaelyn Mendonca for an inside scoop.
2016 is all about the new year at Youth Incorporated. Instead of sticking to the age old tradition of New Year resolutions, we decided to start our new year with a revamped style for our readers. Our new look signifies not just the start of a new year, but also a new us. We hope you love it as much as we do. – Nitish Shah



Volume 5 Issue 7


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