Editor’s Note – January 2015

Nitish Shah

I would like to begin the New Year with some great news. I am pleased to share with you that Youth Incorporated magazine has won a Bronze award for the cover and cover Story of our April 2014 issue at the ICMA (International Creative Media Awards) held in Germany. We received this honour from amongst 364 publications participating from 17 countries around the world. This just goes to show that even a young publication like ours can win accolades and recognition if you give it your all and nothing can stop you from achieving success when you put in your 100%. I’d like to say kudos to our entire team who won us this award with all their passion and dedication. A large percentage of the voters in 2014 were voting for the first time and special credit goes to our editorial team who came up with the idea for the cover story and executed it brilliantly for those setting out to vote for the largest democracy in the world.

As we go about our everyday lives, we often ignore the various factors that are working behind the scenes influencing our decisions. We take a look at how Big Data impacts so many choices that all of us we make each day. From Bordeaux’s finest wines to India’s most recent general election, Big Data has played a pivotal role.

If you’ve put on some holiday weight and are keen to get back in shape this January, but you don’t have the time? “Don’t you worry, child. See our fitness page has a plan for you!” A ‘Tabata’ workout is all you need to get ripped and the best part about it is that all it takes is four minutes of your time.

At the end of 2014, two tech giants shook the tech world with their newest OS releases. Apple launched iOS 8 and pitted it against Google’s Android 5.0 Lollipop. The tech junkies that we are, we couldn’t resist putting our perennial office debates on paper in this issue. We hope our technology section can help you decide who wins the OS battle once and for all!

This year also marks India’s 66th Republic Day. I hope you all have a patriotic month and year ahead!


Nitish Shah, Editor-in-chief



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