Easy Tips To Protect Your Skin This October Heat

October Heat
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The sun is raging and radiating heat like never before. Just putting on sunglasses and caps is not going to be enough to protect yourself from the heat. It’s October, a transitioning period from that of dry summers, damp and wet monsoons to dry winters. This is why, the October heat, as the days are progressing, is becoming insanely unbearable.

With this October heat giving a shot to the body, we must make sure of protecting our skin from it. Remember that it is our skin that gets exposed to any kind of climatic changes first. For this purpose, let us make it a point to inculcate a few things in our daily routine that will help our skin breathe freely, at least till the time this heat lasts. 

Keep Your Skin Hydrated: 

October Heat
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Don’t even think of stepping outside the house without moisturising your skin. Just like you feel thirsty, your skin does too. Despite the climate being humid, you tend to dehydrate. Moreover, to cool yourself, you sit in AC rooms which robs the skin of the required oil. Hence it is very important you moisturise your skin. 

Make Use Of Face Packs: 

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Our face is the most exposed part of our body alongside our hands. Let’s accept to ourselves that we have stopped using caps because they don’t match with what we wear, this is especially the case with girls. What’s left are the sunglasses that protect your eyes. Thus, before going to bed, make use of a face/eye mask. It will help in extracting the heat from the eyes and face a cool it down.  

Keep Wet Wipes Handy: 

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Wet wipes have been real saviors. With humidity at the peak, you are going to be sweating most of the time. Sweat walks hand in hand with dirt, body salt and germs. Don’t let it dry off on your bare skin. Otherwise, it will settle on your skin giving birth to common skin problems like rashes, heat burns, itching, and infections. Wipe off your sweat with wet wipes. This will not only help in keeping your skin clean but also make you feel good and provide relief due to its cool effect on the skin.

Drink A Lot Of Water: 

October Heat
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It’s one of the most natural and easy solutions for skin problems emerging due to heat. When your body will stay cool and hydrated from within, your skin will by default not just stay but also look fresh and clean. Drink at least 4 litres of water every single day. 

Wear Light Coloured Clothes: 

October heat
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No this isn’t senseless. I know you love black but, for this one month, shed your black clothes and pick up white fabrics from the store for yourself. Avoid wearing dark clothes and switch to light and cool colours like sky blue, baby pink, cream, peach, off white, pure white, lavender, and others. The reason why I am saying this is because dark colours absorb maximum heat whereas light ones do exactly the opposite. Other than this, try not to wear clothes that are too tight clothes either as they will make you uncomfortable. Switch to loose and comfortable clothing. 

Even though summers too are equally hot, what makes October heat worse is the level of humidity that squeezes the human body to its last drop. Follow these tips and help your skin breathe freely.


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