6 Things To Keep Handy In Summers

Summer Essentials
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The month of May is here and the summer season is at the peak. Heat is all that we are feeling currently. The rise in heat gives rise to conditions that affect our overall health. Heat stroke is most common o all. Protecting self from this scorching heat is crucial. Here are a few things that you must keep handy:

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1. A Small Bottle of Water: Travelling in the sun, be it in the car or on the road is going to make your throat run dry. Your body is going to need large amounts of water. Ensure you keep it hydrated throughout. Make sure to put at least half litre of a water bottle in your bag so that you can keep sipping it at regular intervals. This way your body will stay hydrated and help you from running out of energy.

2. Sunglasses and Cap: The heat is such that it will affect your eyes. Sunglasses help to protect the eyes from the heat. If you are not using sunglasses till now, you must have realized that your eyes start to burn after a certain period of time. This happens due to the heat. Sunglasses help in keeping your eyes cool. Same goes with the cap. Exposing your head directly to the sun is very harmful. The sun heads up heating the head, which causes severe headache, heat strokes, bleeding of the nose, etc. It also damages the hair making it rough. Hence it is extremely important to cover your head with a cap.

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3. Scarf: This one is for girls. A scarf should be used to wrap and cover the chest. The UV rays of the sun are said to be harmful to women as sources state that, it contributes to causing breast cancer. The sun rays in summer are double than on usual days and hence woman should take extra care and use a scarf to wrap the chest. 

4. Wet Wipes: They act as coolants for the face. Make sure to always have them. As a matter of fact, you are going to be sweating. By using wet wipes, your face will look clean and fresh. Imagine entering a meeting room with a sweaty face. Plus, these wet wipes will make you feel less sweaty and also fresh. If not wet wipes, at least carry a packet of tissue or a handkerchief to help get rid of sweat.  

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5. Deodorants: With so much sweat, you definitely don’t want to fill a room with sweat odour do you? There are many deodorants available in the market, that too in different sizes. If carrying a big one is a pain for you, buy a pocket-sized deodorant. Use it for yourself and for the others. You don’t want to make summer worse than it already is.

6. Sunscreen lotions: If the sun can damage exposed hair, it can damage the skin too causing sunburns and rashes. Make sure you apply a good amount of sunscreen lotion to keep your skin free from burns.


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