Anand Mahindra Shares His “Onisdom” With The Netizens

Anand Mahindra
Image Credits: Hindustan Times

The Twitterati was high on witty and tongue in cheek humour after the chairman of Mahindra, Anand Mahindra, shared few new words on his twitter handle on 13th October.

We are all aware of the fact that since the time theInternet was born and since the time communication with people became smooth and lucid. This said, English, a universal language too evolved in the most unexpected and unique form. 

People not only started trimming words and sentences like trimming before to ‘b4’ or you to ‘u’, but they also created new words with definite meanings like ‘ghosting’, ‘Instagramming’, ‘oboing’, ‘bae’, and so many more.

This word game is going so strong around the world, that Oxford legit added words like ‘selfie’ and ‘hangry’ in its English dictionary. Yes! They have become actual words now. 

Participating in this fun, Anand Mahindra too tweeted a few new words that spurred reactions and exchange of many original creations from the Twitterati. He also mentioned in his tweets about how Oxford can also add any of these words in its dictionary.

The businessman just did not stop here. He went on to share a few more words which the users across twitter have seemed to love and welcome.  

Scroll through the tweets and you will also find a number of witty and humorous responses. Anand Mahindra says that he has already become comfortable with these words and has started using them in his conversations. 

We too have already fallen for the quirkiness these words have bought with them and are surely going to inculcate them in our day to day conversations. When are you doing the same? 


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