Easy Tips to Protect your Hair and Body this Summer

summer tips
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The summer heat has begun gracing the Indian shores and with an increase in temperature, the presence of dirt, pollution, heatwaves, sunburn, humidity and exhaustion cannot be ignored. The need to protect one’s hair and body has become vital this season. Here are some easy, quick and useful tips to help you care for yourself in this scorching heat!


summer tips
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Switch to simple clothes and accessories: To prevent your skin from getting burnt, you should always cover yourself in light material clothes that can easily absorb or evaporate sweat. Also, pairing your clothes with simple accessories like a hat, a cap, a scarf or a pair of sunglasses to cover your head and eyes from the direct sunlight will work wonders too.

Consume and apply liquids: As the temperatures soar, you may find yourself dehydrated every now and then. Drink more water (avoid hot and too cold water). To stay hydrated for longer durations, consume glucose water, coconut water or glass of lemonade. Moreover, you can apply coconut or sunflower oil on your body before taking bath, which is bound to give your skin a cooling effect.

Give special attention to Food: India is famous for spicy food dishes and recipes but consuming a large amount of it could be unhealthy, especially during summers. Instead, you can opt for a plate of green, leafy lettuce and citrus fruits to keep your body from heating and to get the required dose of Vitamin C to build your immunity. For non-vegetarians in the house, it is advisable to choose seafood over the red meat.

Some other easy ways to take care of your body this summer is to shower twice a day, clean your hands before eating food, resist air-condition cooling and only exercise during early hours of the day.


summer tips
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Just as your skin needs protection from the sun during summers, so does your hair. Hair is affected the most in this sultry heat as the UV rays can strip hair of its natural moisture and damage them.

Feel comfortable: Sun exposure can be damaging for your hair, so to protect them from getting tore and dried, stop yourself from using tight rubber bands and making tight hairstyles. Instead, tie your hair loose.

Maintain it the right way: Start with using products that suit your hair type, then move on to choose products with UV filters. Avoid washing your hair everyday but whenever you do, make sure that you do regular conditioning. Besides doing all of it, make sure to trim your hair to avoid split ends.

Go natural: Experimenting with henna, shikakai or eggs is fine if you are doing the right way considering they lead to dry hair if not washed properly. Opting for more natural gels like Aloe Vera makes the process easier. You can apply Aloe Vera gel on your scalp, skin and hair and leave it there for the whole day, the hair absorbs the ingredient and results in smoother hair in the next wash. Similarly, you can opt for a paste made up of amla, lemon, yoghurt or neem.

We cannot stop summers from coming but we can stop ourselves from making wrong decisions. From dandruff to dehydration, every hair and body problem can be avoided this season if taken right steps the right way. Make sure to keep it simple, comfortable and healthy. Safe Summers!


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