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Having taken a look at all the mainstream courses that countries abroad have to offer, we now review lesser explored career prospects overseas. Nancy Varghese gets the facts down on how a career in teaching can be a viable option for anyone who believes in enriching a student’s life with the gift of knowledge

Becoming a doctor, an engineer or a chartered accountant is a popular career option that seems decided for Indian children, in particular, as they are considered to be the most credible, noteworthy, financially stable, and prosperous careers to engage in. However, a lot of individuals these days take active decisions in researching about options that need their passion and determination to succeed rather than being forced or coaxed into something that might not be their first choice for a job.
Applying for teaching courses abroad is a brilliant way to kick-start your future into a plethora of experiences and exposure that you will receive as a professional in the world. Not only does one always keep in mind the cultural diversity that the students will bring into the classroom, the idea of making a difference in the lives of so many young minds that are looking to you for their inspiration is an absolute blessing.
We bring you an interview with Selena Fox, Chief Executive Officer of New Zealand Tertiary College (NZTC), who gives us an overview of the teaching courses available that can help you take a call.

Why is teaching, as a profession, not as popular as medicine, engineering or any other mainstream course when it comes to choosing it as a career prospect?
Teaching is a passion and although the percentage of students opting for teaching in India may not be high in comparison to other career choices, we are seeing a change in the mind-set of people as more students are studying early childhood education* and considering teaching as an option.

What is the most vital information to be kept in mind before a student decides to opt for a career in teaching?
When it comes to pursuing a career path, passion is imperative. A love for children and an interest in their growth and development is fundamental for a career in teaching. A teaching career is a lifelong commitment to learning as new ideas about educating children are constantly evolving. As a teacher, you have a great impact on your student’s life. Kids tend to learn more from your actions.

What are the advantages of students seeking to take up teaching courses in New Zealand?

**New Zealand Tertiary College (NZTC) provides students with a flexible study option as students can study online in their own time, allowing them to balance their study with their work and family commitments. NZTC qualifications are also internationally recognised so graduates can pursue their early childhood education career in many countries around the world. Studying early childhood education at NZTC in New Zealand gives students an insight and exposure to a different culture and lifestyle. International students love New Zealand’s multicultural society, laidback lifestyle and friendly people.

Are there restrictions when it comes to admitting students from a science, commerce or an unrelated subject specialization background when it comes to studying teaching courses?
No, there are no restrictions. Prior learning is recognised by NZTC with previous qualifications being assessed to determine which early childhood education qualification the applicant is eligible for. It’s all about your passion for teaching and prior education will only help.

What are the qualifications required by a student of the 12th grade to be able to take up a course such as this?
Upon completion of the 12th grade, students are eligible to enter a three year early childhood education degree with NZTC, with the opportunity to study in India or in New Zealand.

Do you think there exists a scope for students who wish to become teachers and professors in renowned institutions and academies across the globe? What would be your advice to them? What makes a good teacher?
Yes, this is definitely a possibility. It is important for teachers to respect children as learners and have an approachable, warm, caring and enthusiastic attitude. Teachers need to constantly up-skill and keep up to date with what is happening around the globe in the educational sector. Teachers need to be open to learning, be a team player and display professionalism in the work environment. They also need to make sure that their general knowledge on topics beyond their chosen subject is extensive. Students tend to make personal bonds with teachers they like, teachers need to remember that. As long as you do that, there is no reason for you to not achieve you dream of becoming a teacher or a professor at renowned institutions an academies across the globe. *Early childhood care and education (also known as early childhood education, ECE or preschool education) is the care and education of young children aged between 0 to 5 years old.
**New Zealand Tertiary College (NZTC) is a private training institution specialising in early childhood teacher education. Founded in New Zealand in 1982, the College was the first private institution to be approved to deliver qualifications leading to teacher registration in New Zealand and it remains committed to providing quality early childhood teacher education programs that are internationally recognised.


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