Boy Suffering From Dyslexia Scores 94% on His Exams


When the 2018 PUC Exam results were declared, thousands of students waited expectantly for their fate. One student among them made history with his incredible result. Aditya Bharadwaj from Bangalore, a student with dyslexia – a disability that makes it harder for him to write or take down notes like other students – scored 94% in his exams, and a distinction in every subject, and a full 100 in psychology

In an interview with The Times of India, Aditya said that he wrote his papers with the help of a scribe. He scored a whopping 96 in sociology, 92 in economics, 88 in history, and 96 in English, besides the 100 in psychology. He skipped the second language paper.

Aditya’s mother commends not only the efforts put in on Aditya’s behalf, but also those put in by his teachers and counsellors, who supported him throughout. She also adds that he did not face any discrimination at the public college he attended, after attending a special school up until 10th grade. In the future, Aditya aims to clear the UPSC exams and join the Indian Foreign Services.

Aditya’s story sheds light on the delicate topic of people with disorders or disabilities. As a country, in a way of more amenities and services for handicapped people, with escalators on stations and handicapped reserved parking spots, we are progressing but we, for sure, have not reached the point where we can confidently say that India is a safe place for handicapped people.

Aditya’s courage and determination not to give in to his disability is what makes his story so inspiring. He did not let his disability define him and put in the extra mile to succeed. Aditya stands as an inspiration for everyone, disability or not. We wish him the best in all his future endeavours.


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