Donald Trump is up for Nobel Peace Prize. What?!


So you woke up this morning, cursing the alarm clock and the probably the sun, sat for breakfast and browsed through news. And there it was; SOMEONE NOMINATED DONALD TRUMP FOR THE NOBEL PEACE PRIZE. We feel you, man! Our morning was the same.

As told to CNN, this Wednesday, by Kristian Berg Harpviken a mystery patron nominated Donald Trump for Nobel Peace Prize. So Trump’s dreams of ‘big beautiful wall’ went to trash when he had to admit defeat to Ted Cruz in the Iowa caucus after weeks of being billed as the Republican front-runner. But this news definitely must have made his day.

Harpviken said a letter by an unidentified US nominator has been received which speaks highly of Trump, “his vigorous peace through strength ideology, used as a threat weapon of deterrence against radical Islam, ISIS, nuclear Iran and Communist China”. We are told, apparently thousands of people are chosen to nominate notable organizations and people for Nobel Prize, although the Nobel committee doesn’t reveal their procedure.

Trump who promised to’bomb the shit out of ISIS’ has actually been nominated for a Peace Prize, this looks like a big sarcastic joke! “Sure, it’s those weak Europeans who get to decide who wins, and sure, history has shown they’ve chosen Muslims like that girl – Malala whatsherface (who, by the way, doesn’t like me much). But I’m okay with that”, should have been his reaction to the whole thing.

Check it out here.

However, Harpviken doesn’t think he’ll win it. Given that Pope Francis and Edward Snowden are up for it too, neither do we.


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