Harry Potter returns; we officially await an Eight part


Calling all Potterheads and all the ones grieving over the end of the Harry potter series; our sources reveal that there’s going to be a eight addition to the oh-so-loved Harry Potter series. Named ‘Harry Potter and the Cursed Child’, the story had initially only been announced as a theatre production (tickets for which sold in about ten milliseconds). But according to the latest rumours, it could soon be on your bookshelves too.

Our sources reveal that the book will be on our bookshelves by the 31st of July and in theatres by the end of November. The story line navigates around Harry’s son, Albus- 19 years later who learns what it means to be the son of the FAMED BOY WHO LIVED ( yeah, and we thought following our parents college legacy was too difficult)

The Rowling Library reckons that at least two major publishing houses are already in head-to-head duel to grab the rights to publish The Cursed Child.

Harry Potter is not over; we officially await an Eight part

All the details are hushed at the moment, but The Rowling Library also states that since the play is not an exclusive J. K. Rowling, it may not end up being published under her name at all. In case this happens, we can still expect the publication to come out, just with another name in the author line.

Just the idea of an eight addition in the HP series, turned into a readable and visual art,  is definitely an exciting and comforting one.

That’s not all the good news though; the team behind the scenes has also released a video sneak peak as to reveal what they’re up to behind the scenes in production.

We can only hope we don’t have to go trespassing into the Restricted Section in the middle of the night for this book.


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