Delving Deep Into The Cannes’ Red Carpet

Cannes Film Festival
Image Credits: @festivaldecannes on Instagram

The landscape of one of the illustrious festivals has left the netizens awestruck. With the display of prodigious appearances, onlookers have witnessed star-studded France. You are hitting your mind in the right direction, Cannes Film Festival, one which has earmarked an abode in the hearts of the people at the global level is not failing to amp up the desire for being in the limelight at this event. We have done the ride of galvanising debuts that are put on by eminent people from different walks. But we are yet to burrow the significance ascertained with those debus and the walk that is showcased on that flourishing red carpet.

This garish event of the globe has left its reflections for the budding stars to make Cannes their fantasy. The year 1946 has been the harbinger of the Cannes Film Festival. The Festival de Cannes has been the floor for the starry screenings that take place there. The filmmakers, artists, and actors have considered this International Festival as a haven. Flocks of paparazzi have considered it their pavement to make strides in their arena. This festival emerged as the competition to the Venice Film Festival. This forum mirrored itself as the radiance of the Film Industry. The shimmer of this festival is not confined to the sightings of the looks worn by the celebrities rather the awards distribution is the bigger driving force for the people to staunchly cherish it. The advent of prizes has cranked up the significance of this festival. The award distribution ceremony is preceded by the selection of Jurors which is an awaited moment in a year. The recognition of Films and calling them for gaining the attention of people beyond the fences of regions has been an act of beefing up Films and all the things ascertained with them. There is a queue of crucial awards that germinated from the Cannes Film Festival. The Palme d’Or award was unfolded in 1955 which boosted the charisma of this film festival.  Other awards like Grand Prix and Jury Prize were also unspooled later thus, increasing the tally. This festival is marked by the screening of movies and undoubtedly a movie getting culled for this festival is indeed a matter of astonishment for the Filmmakers. The selection committee is formed for reviewing the films that can be given a green flag for screening. The categorisation of the films is done under various branches so that agglomerative kinds of short and long movies can be given the floor. The jury stands as a gushing force to filter out the awardees. While the masses are bound to satiate their curiosities to witness this event virtually since common masses have obstructions to attending this film festival. Certain folks from the reserved categories are endorsed to be an audience. The screenings of the films are waived off to be open for the general public during the night at the Cinema de la Plage which is conducive for them to encompass a great experience. Cannes Film Festival has greased itself as one of the biggest commercial festivals. Producer Karen Espenant told No film school, 80% of the business in the film industry is done through this platform.

Image Credits: @festivaldecannes on Instagram

Clicking on the role of India in this picturesque festival has opened various examples for admiration. India has not lingered in setting its ethos on this red carpet. Indian cinema has rekindled itself in this film festival. The 1946 film Neecha Nagar was the first Indian Film to gain recognition at the Cannes and it received Palme d’Or at the Cannes. The queue continued with Satyajit Ray’s Pather Panchali becoming the Best Human Document Award in 1956.  In 1989, Shaji N. Karun’s Priavai was crowned as the Camera d’Or. While in 1988, Mrinal Sen’s directorial Kharji won the Jury Prize. This 76th Cannes Festival has also been a buoyant year for India as four movie screenings took place paired with Indian Celebrities, entrepreneurs, and social media influencers leaving their charisma on the red carpet. This year the festival was festooned with the triumph of Justine Triet’s crime drama Anatomy of a Fall receiving Palme d’Or. While the other awardees’ list unfurled with the cessation of this vibrant big fat celebration.

The ode of this festival is well-sung by the debuts of the stars of varied film industries. With the fierce wave of creativity, this festival is making strides and leaving the onlookers awestruck.


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