Cool and Quirky Ways of Keeping your House Cool in Summers

keep your house cool in summer
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The heat of summer is on and the temperature is reaching 40°C. You might be thinking to install an Air Conditioner but the AC friendly season is not very forgiving on your pockets. Don’t worry we’ve got cool and quirky solutions to beat the heat without damaging your wallet.

Soak the Sheets

A good way to cool your house is to soak the sheets in water and laying them out on the floor below the fan. As the air from the fan blows on the wet sheets the water evaporates making the room cool. You can also hang the soaked sheets in the direction of the wind on your window. The blowing wind will pass through the cloth reducing the temperature of the room. This is a natural way and won’t cost you a penny.

Ice Bowl With A Fan

Cool and Quirky Ways of Keeping your House Cool in summers
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An affordable method to get the air conditioner effect is using a bowl filled with ice and a table fan. Place the ice bowl in front of the table fan. The wind blowing from the fan will make the room cool. While other frozen or chilled items are also likely to work, ice is a better option. Ice, even after melting down continues to bring down the temperature of the room.

Say Hi to Shades

Cool and Quirky Ways of Keeping your House Cool in summers
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Sunlight is the main reason that leads to increase in temperature in your house. There are a lot of ways to prevent the sun from turning your home into an oven in the first place. Blinds are the most common way. They block the sunlight from entering your home, leaving it cool. Screen blinds are see through and work great in avoiding sunlight.

Ditch the Furniture

Anyplace when overcrowded will seem to be hot and the same goes for your home. Declutter your room, remove unwanted furniture, books, newspapers and magazines to make it more airy. Throw open the windows and keep away all your synthetic drapes and thick wooly carpets that makes you feel hot. Instead, get in thin rugs made from jute and hemp that look good and feel great.

Make Nature your Housemate

Cool and Quirky Ways of Keeping your House Cool in summers.
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Strategically placed plants function as living air conditioners and can effectively cool your home. You can pot shady trees and plants on east and west sides of the house to block out the sunlight. Growing vines and creepers on the balcony or by the stairs can help to get down the temperature beneath them by 20 degrees keeping it cooler then than the surrounding.

Reduce Electricity Consumption

Things like incandescent light bulbs and televisions can create a significant amount of heat over time which will raise the temperature in your house. Change your incandescent light bulbs to LED light bulbs as they consume less energy which maintains the overall warmth in the house.

Make Your Own ‘Chillow’

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Chillow is basically what the name suggests ‘a chilled pillow’. You can easily DIY a chillow by placing rice in a cloth bag, sealing it and placing it in the refrigerator to chill. It is a cost-effective and easy alternative to keep you and your bed cold in the hot summer.


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