Coldplay Drops A New Single Featuring Beyonce And A Cameo By Sonam Kapoor


Stop everything at once, people. It’s time for Coldplay again. Though we’re still bitter about Coldplay’s almost secret visit to India, they’ve finally given us a balm to assuage our feelings on the matter with an absolutely breathtaking new song featuring none other than Queen B herself. Of course, we already knew about it and were waiting with bated breaths. What’s more, it also cameos our very own Sonam Kapoor.

Named Hymn For The Weekend, the song already has us hooked. Here are 5 things why we think this song should make it to the top of your playlist and stay there on loop for the rest of forever.

The Musical Revolution:

The song is a complete delight to the senses. And what else would you expect it to be? The song is basically a concoction of Bombay, Sonam Kapoor, Beyonce, Coldplay and Chris Martin! The tune has an amazing artsy catchy quality to it, and the lyrics have us feeling ‘drunk and high, high, high’ too.

Bollywood Superstar Beyonce:

Dressed in gorgeous Abu Jani and Sandeep Khosla ensembles, Queen B rocks the big screen in the video with her stunning look and absolutely magical voice.

The Bombay Darshan – Coldplay Style:

Coldplay, well, mostly Chris Martin takes us through the streets of Bombay in one of the most mesmerising rides we have ever taken. Thumbs up to Taxi Fabric, who are responsible for the artistic brilliance in the design of the cab.

Sonam Throwing Flowers Up Into The Sky:

Now though Sonam’s role in the video is as short as her father’s in Mission Impossible 4, we love the fact that she comes on and steals the show just as you start thinking that things are winding down. We guarantee you will watch on mesmerised as she throws a handful of flowers up to the sky, looking every bit like the fairytale princess she most certainly is. Styled by stylist sister Rhea Kapoor, she looks stunning! After all, who can dress you up for your first Coldplay cameo better than your sister, right?

Galli Holi with Chris Martin:

Yep. This is exactly what Coldplay was doing when they were spotted in Worli. They were playing holi with the street kids for this video. If you were sad about missing out on this earlier, there, Coldplay made sure you can witness this memory as may ever times as you please.

Now we’re sure you know all about the controversial cultural appropriation scenario the internet has gone crazy over about this video. If you don’t, just to explain it to you in a gist, a lot of people are saying that Bombay, and inadvertently, India is not the country to small screen theatres and cobbled streets as the video showcases it to be, and thus, the video is the perfect example of cultural appropriation. Our opinion differs vastly from theirs. Truth is, sure we have multiplexes and high-end streets in the city, but who of us hasn’t gone to a Chandan or Gaiety Galaxy,  or Marathi Mandir? If you ask us, the only Indian thing about Coldplay’s new video is our reaction.

So excuse us as you keep on bickering about the video; we need to hit that replay button once again. Check it out here!


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