UCG asked to finish Masters in 3 semesters

Mumbai University to ask UCG to finish Masters in 3 semester period

We saw Delhi University taking down their four-year undergraduate programme because it wasn’t in alignment with the UCG prescribed format and Indian Institute of Science changing their four-year B.Sc programme to three-year B.Sc (Research).

And now, we’re about to see Mumbai University take a giant step, by planning to ask for a one-and-a-half year Master’s programme. They’re not asking to change it from two-years to one-and-a-half years; this will just be in addition to the already working programme.

If the proposal is accepted and implemented, it will enable students to get employed early. Also, it will come in alignment with the Western post-graduate system.

This accelerated PG course will be completed within a time span of 17-18 months. The university is hoping to make it work by cutting down on the number of holidays.

The Vice Chancellor Sanjay Deshmukh told the press, “We are looking at an accelerated form of post-graduation in the university. This will give students a chance to join work in the fourth semester itself. The last semester would include a project which could be work that the student is undertaking at his organization.”

This is also done in hope to increase the number of students taking up post-graduation from 7% to 14%.

While this is being done for the benefit of the students, we hear UCG sanctions only two-year programmes. “We have not seen the proposal yet. We cannot allow any university to run a masters’ programme with less than two-year tenure. However, if the degree completion certificate is granted only after two years, the Commission may consider the proposal. They can give the statement of marks before two years”, a UCG official told the press.

Bold move, Mumbai University, but good luck nonetheless.


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