Apple Refuses To Help The FBI

Apple Refuses To Help The FBI

Apple recently filed a motion to dismiss the government’s request for help in accessing terrorist Farooq’s phone and made their denial on the matter clear.

On one hand, the U.S. law enforcement officials argue that public safety is under threat if tech companies don’t help them, while on the other, Tim Cook, CEO, Apple is keen on keeping their product secure for their customers.

Apple Refuses To Help The FBI
Tim Cook, CEO, Apple

Each iPhone has an encryption code which is unique for every device, this 256 bits long code comprising of 256 0s and 1s is impossible to crack with plain guessing game and is a waste of time. So, the FBI wants Apple to modify the particular phone’s software to make it easy to guess the password. They also hope Apple would help them disable the delays that would occur during this guessing game. These technical modifications are supposed to relieve the FBI from the stress of triggering the iPhone’s auto-wipe function and get the password more quickly.

Apple just won’t give in and help FBI because they believe this technique of breaking into iPhones can be easily used on other phones as well. Also, the government might continue to ask for such favours if they do help this time.

According to Tim Cook, people (customers) rely on these Apple products for the protection of their data and doing this would hurt their trust. We have to say, we agree.


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