This Year Make Santa Happy By Celebrating Christmas The Right Way

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Bright Christmas coupled with cool and breezy winters is the most magical time of the year. This is why the festival of Christmas is dear to everyone. This is the time when every house drowns in shades of bright red and every kid tucks a sock under his/her pillow for Santa to leave him/her gift. 

Though this is the most common way in which families celebrate Christmas, this year you can make it even more special by doing the following things: 

Decorate Christmas trees

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Winters do make it hard on us to slip out of our cozy warm blanket, but still, go ahead and do it. Decorating Christmas trees with friends/family in the evening by sipping hot tea or coffee at intervals in real fun.  

Decorate your house/office desk 

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A snowman in some corner of the house is a great idea. You can make or even buy a snowman of your choice and place it in a good corner. You can also use other materials like a giant Santa sock, snowflakes, fairy lights, tinsel garlands, bells, reindeers, etc to decorate your house. For office goers who wish to make their desks look Christmasy and nice can cut out paper Christmas trees and hang of place them anywhere on the desk. You can also make a small and cute snowman and place it on either side of your desk. 

Sing Christmas carols 

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Though old school, singing Christmas carols is the best way to celebrate Christmas. All you have to do is search for a Christmas carol online,  hit the play button of the speaker and sing along with your friends. You can also dance to the carols and live the moments to the fullest. This one will surely become one of your best memories. 


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Who doesn’t love cake? Besides, baking is a cool activity. If you don’t know how to book cake or cookies, then Christmas is the best time to learn. Take someone experienced who loves baking and tell him/her to teach you how to bake. In between baking, don’t miss out on feeding yourself with cream, icing, chocolate sauce, chocolate chips, and syrups! 

Play Secret Santa 

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Christmas is nothing without the game of Secret Santa. Make sure you save money so that you can buy a present for your loved one and become his/her secret Santa. Play the game with your family and friends and exchange gifts on the 25th day of December and also find out who your secret Santa was. 

Take a stroll in the chilly nights on Christmas day

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It’s breathtaking to watch the city and its homes brightly lit and decorated. The sound of Christmas-carols emerging out from the homes and the sweet whiff of freshly baked cakes and cookies floating in the surrounding areas of the houses is intoxicating. You should definitely stroll in the streets with your loved ones, especially at night. Don’t forget to put on your sweaters, boots, hand gloves and beanie. Trust me, it will just make you feel cozier. 

Binge watch Christmas movies with your loved ones 

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This one is the best. After returning back from a stroll, get into your blankets, cuddle your partner, and binge-watch nice movies like Home Alone, A Christmas Prince, The Holiday, etc. Don’t forget to pamper yourself with a hot cup of soup or hot chocolate and some noodles. Best best combination!!

You can also let us know if you too have your own Christmas plans different from the ones mentioned above. We’d love to know!


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